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Porsche Macan GTS

Porsche hit the jackpot when they released the Cayenne in 2002, bringing huge profits and enabling more development of their GT program and saving the company to a lot of people. So it makes sense that they capitalise on the growing SUV market and released a smaller version – the Macan. Well, now the Macan has had its first major facelift and sees in 2019 with a slightly revised nose, totally new look for the rear end and plenty of design and tech revisions to the interior bringing this small SUV right up to date.

This Macan GTS model uses Porsche's new 2.9-litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine with 375bhp and 520Nm of torque, with performance to match - 0-62mph takes under 5 seconds and it'll top out at over 160mph. There may be a new base Macan, but this turbo V6 engined GTS has a throaty growl that you’ll miss with the 4cyl version and the extra power will be noticed.

The fact that it's a GTS means that you also get a load of extra tech and chassis kit for a lot less than it would cost to add them to an S model, with Porsche's Active Suspension system, new wheels, Sport Design bodykit and plenty more. The GTS is fast becoming the pick of each Porsche range, so we'd peg this Macan GTS as the one to have.

Porsche Boxster T

Not only that, you also get the fantastic Boxster T.

Porsche hit the jackpot when they released the 911 Carrera T in 2018 – it was a runaway success and lauded as the best 911 in the range thanks to the bundling of some choice options and the inclusion of some previously unavailable weight saving options.

So it’s with no surprise that this format has been expanded to the lower model ranges including this 718 Boxster. Based on the standard Boxster, it has the same 2.0 litre turbocharged flat-four engine which produces 296bhp and 380Nm of torque.

Weighing in at 1350kg this means performance is still brisk enough for most, hitting 62mph in just over 5 seconds. The T gets down to this weight by removing the PCM navigation system (though it can be put back in at no cost), speccing lighter glass and fabric door pulls.

As standard this T model gets the same treatment as the GTS models – adding the best options at a cheaper price – so we have the Sport Chrono package, PASM sports suspension, 20-inch wheels, a sports exhaust, Porsche Torque Vectoring, sports seats and a smaller GT Sport steering wheel.

All together this makes the 718 Boxster T possibly the best Boxster you can buy and certainly the purest and sweetest handling.

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