« Back Suzuki Jimny + ABT RS3

Retail Price £78,999
Cash Alternative £63,000
0-62mph 14.2secs
Top Speed 87mph
Power 101bhp
Displacement 1.5ltr
Engine Position Front
Drivetrain AWD
MPG 32.2
CO2 198
Engine / Cyls i4
Torque 130


Hey – you, yes you. Stop laughing at the back. Stop it. We subscribe to the theory that small is beautiful here at BOTB and you don’t get much smaller than the new Suzuki Jimny. The previous generation was known as being surprisingly good off road, but looked pretty rubbish and was very cheap inside, but now Suzuki has learned from what Mercedes has done with the G-Class and gone retro.  In fact it has more than a passing resemblance to the G-Class, if you squint a bit. Suzuki has basically realised that rugged is what people want out of their small off-roader, so the Jimny is now more angular, with a boxy body, big black wheelarches, a Jeep-esque front grille and bumper and a traditional side-hinged rear door with a spare tyre mounted on it. The interior looks fantastic too, all exposed screwheads, simple controls and wipe-clean surfaces. This isn’t some gas-guzzling SUV though, the nimble little Jimny has a 101bhp 1.5 litre engine so is incredibly economical. But what impresses most about the Jimny is that it will embarrass probably 80% of the AWD off-roaders on sale when you actually get into the muddy stuff. We want to have a go!


It wasn’t that long ago that a hot hatch had 200bhp and was considered rather brisk even then. The original Focus RS has just 201bhp and the new RS has 345bhp, but believe it or not, the time has come when that original benchmark has been doubled. Step forward the new Audi RS3 with a scarcely believably 400hp under the bonnet. Now you’d probably think that 400hp would be enough for most people, but believe it or not, there are those out there who want more… Step forward ABT Sportline – they apply their Power R upgrade to the RS3 Sportback which boosts power to an incredible 500hp. In an A3! Torque rises to 570Nm as well, so performance gets an expected boost with the incredible traction offered by the Quattro system meaning it can sprint to 62mph quicker than most supercars. ABT don’t just do engine work though, and this ABT RS3 also gets their own gloss black front spoiler, grille, and rear diffuser add-on, a set of 20-inch alloys, ABT’s fantastic quad exhaust system (which gives an incredible noise), a brake upgrade kit, and ABT’s suspension springs, and anti-roll bars. Even the interior gets a few tweaks with some ABT logos. This ABT RS3 takes the best hot hatch out there and makes it better in every way – get buying those tickets while you can!

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