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Tesla Model S Ludicrous Performance

Tesla Model S Ludicrous Performance


Could this be the future of motoring? That's what Tesla would have you believe and we have no reason to doubt them.

A stunningly designed saloon car, with a fully electric battery and 611 bhp giving supercar performance with a clear ecological conscience.

0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds is Bugatti Chiron territory, and when you find that you can theoretically do almost 400 miles on one charge the Model S makes a huge amount of sense.

Inside you get a monster 17" touch screen display to control everything and a plush leather interior. Looks, performance, zero emissions - the perfect combination.

Tesla call this the Ludicrous Performance version and it's clear to see why - one press of the accelerator and you'll be pinned to your seat, laughing like a hyena and your whole life will be waiting for that next overtake! 

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Engine / CylsEV Power611bhp
DisplacementEV Torque967 Nm
Engine PositionEV Top Speed155mph
DrivetrainAWD CO2EV g/km
MPGEV mpg Retail Price£93,290
0-62mph2.7secs Cash Alternative£75,000

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