Engine Type Liquid Cooled V-Twin
Displacement 1130 cc
Power 100 bhp
Torque 98 Nm
Top Speed 120 mph
Weight 239 kg
Retail Price £11,699
Cash Alternative £9,000

Now most of us over here in the UK expect to start our motorbike careers on something a bit smaller, but that’s not the American way. This entry level cruiser from Indian is quintessentially American and if you’ve ever thought about owning a Harley, you might want to think again! The liquid cooled V-Twin has plenty of torque on tap, even at the top end, and with the flick of a wrist will haul-ass! The aluminium frame and rear suspension project the traditional look of a hard-tail frame without compromising on performance, it’s far from light but thanks to it’s low centre of gravity and upright riding position is easily manoeuvrable even for a novice rider.

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