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Looking to join one of the biggest health trends of the decade but don’t want to spend a fortune on equipment? Or wanting to upgrade from your current mid-range juicer? Then look no further than the Kuvings CS600.

This machine stands apart from ordinary low speed masticating juicers with sturdier parts and construction, driven by a genuine commercial grade induction motor that turns the juicing screw at a nutrient friendly 60rpm. It also has a higher juice yield than almost every slow juicer out there, meaning better return on your investment in ingredients. Oh, and thanks to its much quieter induction motor your kitchen will no longer sound like a construction site – your neighbours will love it almost as much as you will!

Also included in the prize are 12x £100/month for all your fruit and veg needs.

RRP: £2,495
Cash Alternative: £2,000

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