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Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber


Moto Guzzi sure know a thing or two about the retro scene, they are after all coming up to their centenary birthday, and thanks to the expanding retro scene are doing rather well out of it! The V9 Bobber embodies a bit of American spirit in Italian finery - which is a good thing! The engine is the same as seen on the V7 with an upgraded capacity, giving a mighty thunderous rumble from the V-twin. Brembo brakes upfront and behind keep things in check though, and this bike is more comfortable cruising rather than going hell-for-leather. The imposing and rebellious single seat comes with an additional removable section for any pillion lucky enough to witness your riding skills first-hand. Or, use the centre-stand for the purpose Moto Guzzi invented it for - park up, sit back, and watch with glee as others admire your new set of wheels!


Engine TypeAir Cooled Transverse V-Twin Top Speed0 mph
Displacement853 cc Weight199 kg
Power54 bhp Retail Price  (UK RRP)£8,999
Torque62 Nm Cash Alternative£7,000

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