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A fusion of smart technology and the latest in refrigeration design, Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge Freezer will help you manage your groceries, connect with your family, and entertain guests like never before. With a WiFi-enabled LCD touchscreen built-in to the door, internal cameras and a range of handy apps, you won't know how you managed in the past.

Three built-in cameras allow you to see what’s inside the fridge so you can use your phone to check what's left in the fridge when you're out shopping. There are also systems to help you keep track of your grocery's expiry dates, as well as monitor and re-order your food shopping. The fridge's touch screen display can work as a kitchen blackboard, complete with a calendar and diary for you to add reminders to, or share notes with the rest of the family. Use it to watch TV or listen to the radio while you're in the kitchen, or take advantage of a range of other apps that offer thousands of recipes and foodie ideas.

The versatile bottom-right door can switch between a fridge or a freezer with the touch of a button, allowing you to choose between five customisable temperature settings. What's more, the triple cooling system incorporates separate air flows for precise temperature and humidity control, so even with a full fridge, your food stays fresher for longer.

RRP: £3,499
Cash Alternative: £2,800

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