Show Me the Money 2023

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How to Enter Show Me The Money

The Show Me the Money competition is now closed. The competition ran from Tuesday 9th May to Friday 21st July 2023. 

To enter the competition when it was active, you simply had to text the word MONEY and the name of the musical artist to 82122. The charge was £2 plus your network rate. You could also enter via an online platform called Win+. All players had to be aged 18 or above. 

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How to enter Radio Show Me The Money

Explore frequently asked questions about the radio Show Me The Money competition.

What is the Show Me The Money Song?

The Show Me the Money song regularly changed, but it was usually a pop song. You could always tell the song was about to be played because this siren sound would play.

What is the number for the show me the money song?

The number for the Show Me The Money Song Competition, is 82122. The competition isn't live anymore, but contestants had to text Money and the name of the musical artist to this number.


BOTB Can Show You The Money

We're sorry that you missed the Show Me the Money competition. The good news is that we still have plenty of cash for you to win!

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