Neil Read

Winner 365 Week 14 2017 - Porsche 718 Cayman S

I often walked past the BOTB stand at Stansted but this time, spurred on by my son, I stopped to play.....and I'm so glad I did. I never dreamt I would win but, within two days, Christian and the BOTB team had conspired with my wife to surprise me at work with a brand new Porsche Cayman S. I couldn't believe it....and, if you watch me on the BOTB channel, you'll see just how shocked I was!! The car is now ordered and I have just a few weeks until it's delivered; I can't wait !! Thanks to everyone at BOTB for making it possible.


David Tan

Winner 371 Week 20 2017 - Lexus RC-F
I was in London on a business trip in June and I had to leave London for a three day trip to Amsterdam on the 17th June and while waiting for my Easyjet flight to Amsterdam, chanced upon the BOTB booth and was asked if I wanted to participate in the game. As I still had some time before my departure, I enquired about the draw etc and being convinced, I paid thirty five pounds to participate.

I returned to London after my Amsterdam trip and went to visit St Andrews as I am a keen golfer. On my return, I received a phone call but refused to take it as the number on my mobile was not from someone I knew. Later while at a cafe at Marble Arch, I had free wifi from the cafe and responded with a whatsapp call and was told I was the winner of that week. I did not believe it as I thought it was a scam and fake call. However a Mr. Christian was able to convince me and I took taxi to the BOTB office just to be 100% sure that the caller and the company were genuine. I arrived at their office and was invited to a room where several BOTB staff came to congratulate me, took photographs, given a bottle of champagne.

I returned to Singapore the week after and at the Changi International Airport, I checked my bank balance and wow - the promised amount was in my bank account!

I am now barred for 12 months from any BOTB participation and I want to say that not only is the draw genuine but the BOTB staff all stand up to their tag line of  the Best of the Best in all aspects of professionalism and mannerism.

I have read various reviews that this company scams people through this draw but let me have the last word, I am a Singaporean, was in UK only for about two weeks or so, no one coaxed me to buy but I did and I won and the promised amount was given according to the period of days the company informed me. I have a whole list of emails from them re the transfer of the money in place of the car.

BOTB is indeed the Best of The Best. Like me, just go and participate and you will never know, you may win that Lexus car!


Jeremy Crawley

Winner 379 Week 28 2017 - Mercedes C250D AMG Line + £20K Cash
When Christian walked in with the video camera guy behind I didn't know what to expect (movie improv routine?) but seeing the BOTB logo on Christian's gilet was such a surprise I didn't know what to say, it all happened so fast, my head was pounding and i couldn't compose a coherent response!

Their manner was efficient, friendly and they clearly worked hard to setup beforehand to make a memorable experience.  The feeling of butterflies when you realise who it is and then what you're in for - approaching your new car is indescribable - the photoshoot with it was great, I couldn't believe it was happening just like the other winners' I had seen, but this time in the local area I know well - the local press even covered it, I felt like a local celebrity!

All of my friends seem to be playing now as well!  But I couldn't help rewatching the video, grinning ear to ear every time - a fantastic day, brilliantly executed.


Roman Krochuk

Winner 380 Week 29 2017 - Mercedes SL63 AMG
Playing BOTB started a few years back while flying though Birmingham, and seeing their booth. A few hours to wait for a plane and a few pounds in the pocket, this is how it started.

Playing from time to time it has always been an experience of checking in once in a while and cheering for the lucky guys.

One Tuesday morning I was home after spending 20+ hours working at the drilling rig. Writing a report, having a shower and getting to bed.

I was awaken 1 hour later by the phone, and Christian introducing himself. The line broke and I crawled out to my office checking out the phone. I realized there were a few messages from BOTB, and a video call followed.

Sleepy, impressed, shocked, intrigued, there was this moment of realizing this is a call from THAT company, and trying to remember which cars I played. The only phrase I recall saying was something about this car being a beauty.

The realisation came hours and days later. The close ones responded cheerfully, and one of the guys at work came to know. One of them also plays BOTB and he caught up with me a few days later being all surprised. "you, was that really you?", the conversation started...

A week after event, after visiting local MB dealership, after making a decision and closing the case, it finally settled. I had become a little story among friends and family, and BOTB has been a website my friends were visiting regularly.


Robert Dowdell

Winner 384 Week 33 2017 - Range Rover Evoque
I've played the Spot the Ball contest for several years, receiving credits often for near misses but nothing compares with that call from Christian informing me that I had won the weekly competition and was to be the proud owner of a Range Rover Evogue. Ironically I was at a car dealer having my car repaired so the timing couldn't have been better. The BOTB team have been fantastic and I cannot praise them enough for their professionalism and how friendly they have been throughout.

The only downside being that I have to wait for 12 months before I can play again! :)


Dominic Smith

Winner 385 Week 34 2017 - BMW M3

I've been playing online for years now. I love the game and always wished it could be me, but sadly, it never was. I was always happy for the other winners who were smiling on my screen though, that gave me hope. But one week my whole luck changed and it actually came when I decided to play at the airport instead of online. I played my game and 2 days later I got a call from Christian asking me to facetime him? It can't be I thought?? I was so nervous. I called back and there he was, a beaming smile telling me i was this weeks winner. I'm still in a daze about the whole thing! It couldn't have come at a better time as I'm planning to get married next year!

It takes skill, it takes practice, it takes persistence but most of all, it takes luck. And i feel so blessed to be one of the lucky ones! Keep on playing and keep an eye on your phone, because the next call could be you! Thank you all of the staff at best of the best!! Such a great team