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Neil Jefferies

Winner 95 Week 40 2019 - £15,000 CASH

Back in the early 2000’s I remember seeing exotic cars at UK airports, and then later I came across BOTB on the web and proceeded to have a go. Weeks went by, and I thought this is going to be like the lottery - all dreams and no chance. At one point I stopped playing for a week or two. But to win you have to try, so I relit the fire and bingo - a win on the Lifestyle Competition!

At first, I thought it was a wind-up…I never win anything. But into my video phone breezes Christian with a large cheque and an equally large smile! Reality dawned and the hardest thing was trying not to swear! I guess if you keep the faith, keep trying, one day you will be rewarded - I certainly was.

Brad Dahlberg

Winner 491 Week 36 2019 - Volkswagen Golf GTi TCR Performance

I can’t believe I actually won a car! And not just any car, it’s one of my dream cars – the Golf GTi TCR Performance. It was the surprise of my life as I’d never won anything like this before. Everyone at BOTB was amazing, very professional and I can’t thank you enough – what a fantastic experience!


Vernon Hall

Winner 90 Week 35 2019 - £15,000 Cash

I couldn't believe it when I received a video call from Christian to tell me I'd won the lifestyle competition. I was speechless - we all think that things like this don't happen to people like us, but they really do! I recognised him immediately and guessed he was going to share some good news with me and then I saw the giant cheque. I thought "That will never fit through my letterbox!" My wife thought I was joking until I sent her the video link!

The team at BOTB were very professional and efficient - the prize money was transferred the same day.  I enter every week for the fun of it and the 'what if' factor.  If you are any bit cynical about this competition; don't be - it's genuine. Winning is a fantastic feeling, I still can't believe it. Thank you to everyone at BOTB.


Michael Wheeler

Winner 488 Week 33 2019 - Mercedes A250 AMG Line

BOTB lived up to its name... especially when I won the main weekly car prize! Can't fault it, clearly. I recommend this to anyone who wants the chance of winning a nice new motor... or a fair amount of cash!


Carlton Johnson-Vaughton

Winner 484 Week 29 2019 - Mercedes CLA35 AMG Shooting Brake + £20k

Wow! How amazing to win and what a lovely surprise, I still can’t really believe it. BOTB was amazing and so kind and helpful - I really must say it’s a lovely surprise after my recent health issues. I would like to thank Christian and the BOTB team for editing out my bad language and jokes from the video…and the shot of me in my boxer shorts when I answered the door! Thanks again!


Steven Burgess

Winner 483 Week 28 2019 - Mercedes Deranged X350d + £20k

On behalf of my wife and I, we would just like to say thank you for the amazing day we had when Christian arrived at my home to announce I had won the Merc X350d DERANGED model. It still hasn’t sunk in yet! A wonderful experience we will never forget. Thank you once again to everyone at BOTB!


Jimmy Blackburn

Winner 481 Week 26 2019 - Suzuki Jimny SZ5 Auto

To me, it was just another regular Tuesday morning. But my wife (who had known that I’d won since Monday morning!) played her part brilliantly in my special day - she never gave anything away, which can’t have been easy! It was always a dream that perhaps Christian would one day come knocking and as you can see in the video the surprise of seeing his beaming face coming through the entrance to my work was simply unbelievable. The energy he brings to the party just helps the day become even more special. So we walked outside and there it was - my winning prize. I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening and literally had to pinch myself just in case this was just a dream. But it wasn’t, it was for real! 

I will never forget this amazing day and I would like to thank everyone at BOTB for making this experience so special for me and my family.

Please believe me that if you persevere and keep on playing this great game you could and will one day see Christian and the team knocking at your door…and I promise that it will be one of the most amazing days of your life!

Thanks for everything to everyone at the BOTB team.


Egert Kuigo

Winner 79 Week 24 2019 - Aprilia SR 50 R Sports

I have only been playing for a short time so to win so soon is amazing. When Christian called I was very surprised and shocked, but then I calmed down and realized I had won this amazing scooter, I was very excited! The whole process dealing with BOTB is easy and I’m still very happy now - thanks!


Lennart Persson

Winner 479 Week 24 2019 - Jaguar XE P300 R-Dynamic HSE + £20k

What a fantastic experience. I have been playing faithfully for about 6-7 years and been so close many times and then finally it happened - Monday, June 17, 2019. My wife and I had been up late the night before so I muted my phone as I forgot about a possible call from BOTB! Then my wife noticed the flashing phone and said: "it's somebody calling from a country code 44". I jumped up from my bed and screamed "its UK!" Did I finally win my dream car?

I quickly rang the UK number back and then Christian called on video. He showed me my incredible prize - a brand new Jaguar XE P300 R-Dynamic HSE + 20,000 UK pounds. I was screaming with joy. Finally, it had happened. My dream car entries almost every week paid off! I am extremely impressed with how everything came together. A big cheers for Christian and the BOTB staff – thank you!


Laurie Little

Winner 478 Week 23 2019 - Audi ABT SQ5 + £20k

I was in my hotel room when the phone rang and it was Christian from BOTB asking me to come down to reception. My heart started pounding  - is this finally the moment?? I met Christian and cameraman Sean downstairs and then followed them down the drive and there it was - the car I’d won! It was fantastic and unbelievable at the same time. Christian then explained all about the car and took me round to the boot…and there was the £20k cash - the icing on the cake!

I started playing BOTB in the airports several years ago when off on holiday and more recently online. But I never thought I’d win, so it goes to show you never know!

Thanks to Christian and all the team - you did a superb job. Hope to get in and see you for a coffee soon when I'm in London. Thanks again for giving me such an unbelievable surprise!


Jordan Bailey

Winner 11 Week 22 2019 - £2,000 Cash

When I got a text message from Christian on Thursday morning I jumped out of my seat and bolted to the nearest meeting room to call back. After he told me I’d won I was ecstatic – I skipped back into the office and pretty much everyone knew I'd won something! 

The entire process from start to finish has been excellent. Receiving the prize was quick and easy - just fill out an acceptance form and they sorted it out as quick as possible, which was great as I was itching to spend my winnings! Thanks, everyone at BOTB – you’re doing awesome work!


Paul Rose

Winner 76 Week 21 2019 - BMW R1250 GS Adventure

I had been entering the weekly lifestyle competition for about 18 months leading up to the win. This may sound silly but, while I was hoping to win, I never actually expected to! So the day I received a call from William was properly surprising.  While he was face-timing me my hands were shaking with the excitement of having won.  My family didn't believe me really until they saw the video on YouTube the following day.

After that initial call from William, the rest of the BOTB team took over and were extremely professional and went out of their way to help me to obtain my dream motorcycle. The whole experience with BOTB has been fantastic.  If you don't think you can win - just keep trying - it really can happen!  Many thanks to everyone at BOTB for this life-changing experience; you have all been brilliant!


Paul Tierney

Winner 75 Week 20 2019 - Disney World Family Holiday

When Christian surprised me with the news of my win it was great and funny because my wife didn't believe it was true until she saw the video on the BOTB website! It felt great receiving the prize and my family will look forward to an amazing holiday next year. My experience with BOTB has been amazing, everyone I have dealt with has been very helpful. Thanks BOTB!


Richard Swindlehurst

Winner 475 Week 20 2019 - Hymer B-SL708 180 Auto

Thank you so much BOTB, you have made our dream come true!!

I entered a BOTB competition a few years ago at Gatwick airport but only recently started to enter again online. I dreamt of being a winner but never really believed it could - or would - happen. I love the spot the ball entry method as it’s simple and studying the dynamics of the picture makes you feel like there’s an element of skill involved as well.

Seeing Christian when I opened the front door really did knock me for six. I had entered for a couple of different prizes so it wasn’t until we arrived at the motor-home dealer that everything really started to sink in.  The dream of being a BOTB winner really did become a reality.  As I explained to Christian, the reason for picking the motor-home was a retirement wish to tour Europe, I’d best start planning a route now!!

The whole experience has been fantastic. Christian and Sean the cameraman instantly put myself and my wife Cath at ease from the moment the door opened. Vanessa has been great organising the whole process and keeping me up to date each step of the way. I can’t speak highly enough of the BOTB team – thank you again BOTB!!


Samuel Brown

Winner 8 Week 19 2019 - £2,000 Cash

Christian woke me up with the news I’d won £2k in the Midweek Competition, which is always a great way to start the day! We had a nice friendly chat and he felt somehow familiar – maybe as I’d seen so many videos in the past! Luckily I checked my BOTB account the night before as I had forgotten that I’d even entered, my poor half asleep brain would have been very confused. A very surreal, but brilliant experience. 

Claiming the prize was very straightforward: I just filled out a simple form confirming bank account details and signed to accept the prize. Having received the call on Thursday morning, the money was in my account by Friday afternoon. I really can’t think of a way it could be improved, great experience throughout.

I would happily recommend this competition and BOTB to anyone, thanks again!


Gary Savage

Winner 74 Week 19 2019 - £10,000 Cash

I’ve been playing the car competition regularly for about the last 4 or 5 months, mainly because I have had terrible luck with lots of different car purchases recently! I then also discovered the lifestyle comp and entered that a few times too - I thought 25p for £5k and 50p for £10k was amazing value so I’d entered a few times for these amounts but generally just £5 a week.

After my morning session of volleyball camp abroad last Monday I went back to my hotel room and checked my calls/messages and there were none, so I thought “oh well” it’s not my week. After lunch, I went back and checked the phone again (it was charging in my room) and there was a WhatsApp message from Christian saying he had great news about my entry! This was when my heart started racing and I couldn’t actually remember for sure entering it that week and definitely didn’t know whether I’d done £5k or £10k!  

As you can tell from my reaction I was absolutely over the moon, I couldn’t believe my luck (I still can’t!) I can’t thank BOTB enough, it’s such a fantastic website and real value for money, giving ordinary people a skilled based chance to win fantastic sums of money or car prizes etc for a very small entry fee... it’s such a great business, coupled with a no-nonsense transfer of the money within days! Better than any lottery in my opinion! 

I’ve passed some of the money on to my parents for a “rainy day” as well as buying, what seems, to have been 100 beers for my friends! Thanks again to the whole team! Keep up the good work and tell those judges they rock!!! 


Paul Thorpe

Winner 472 Week 17 2019 - Abarth 595 Competizione

When the doorbell went I opened the door and there was Christian!! As soon as I saw his face I instantly realised what was going on as I watch the winners video most weeks. I was totally lost for words but Christian is such a nice guy and really puts you at ease. Then Christian (my new best friend) asked me if I wanted to go for a short walk with him? .........Hell yes!!! 

I have been playing for about 9 months and only play £10 a week and never thought I stood a chance but playing the game is really exciting and I love waiting for the email each week to see how close I got to the centre of the ball.

Winning the car was just out of this world, what a fantastic feeling – I’m still smiling 3 days later! Thank you BOTB!!!


Sam Shaw

Winner 470 Week 15 2019 - Audi ABT SQ5 + £20k

The doorbell goes on Tuesday morning and it's Christian stood there! Now I am not one to be quiet, but I completely lost all ability to speak, and it was the best possible birthday present I could have asked for! The whole surprise experience was amazing - everyone was genuinely having fun which was brilliant. 

Winning a car that I would never in my wildest dreams think I would own or even drive is something that I will never forget. Going from playing for fun, never accepting that I had a chance of winning, to actually being the winner is the most bizarre and brilliant feeling in the world. So thank you BOTB for everything!


Gursondeep Bhullar

Winner 69 Week 14 2019 - Yamaha YFM700R/SE

When I received the call I recognised it was Christian due to his WhatsApp profile picture, but I couldn't believe it and my mind just went totally blank on what to say 😂! I’d just got out the shower and did not expect the call - that was the first time winning a prize in my life so I was completely surprised. Once you know you have won and got the exact coordinates you just can't wait to get the prize, especially as it's a quad bike - you just think about where you could take it for a ride and can’t wait to get your hands on it!

My experience with BOTB has been amazing - it was a quick and straightforward process from the phone call to receiving the prize as there is a team available to support you throughout the process. Thanks a lot once again and appreciate the prize!


Andrew Johnson

Winner 2 Week 13 2019 - £2,000 Cash

I started playing a few months ago and just had a feeling that I could win something. It was great to get the Facetime call from William just as I was leaving to go on holiday and the win made it an even more memorable week! Everything was handled quickly and professionally - thank you to everyone at BOTB!


Anthony Thrower

Winner 1 Week 12 2019 - £2,000 Cash

I've been playing BOTB for a few years - mainly the dream car competition and occasionally the lifestyle one too, so it was only right to have a go at the new midweek competition. I’m so glad I did!

I was making my lunch when the video call came in. My colleagues let me know my phone was going so I came in to answer it thinking it was my girlfriend calling, but then saw it was a video call from Christian, immediately my heart started going and I started shaking with excitement!

It was so surreal chatting to Christian and him telling me I had won the first midweek prize! He's such a nice guy and hopefully, I'll meet him one day when he delivers me a car!! After the call had sunk in, all the information was emailed over to me by Vanessa at BOTB who was very friendly and explained how we proceed, and the prize money was in my account 2 days later!

At every opportunity I'd recommend BOTB - as they say, you have to be in it to win it, you never know!


Chris Connolly

Winner 465 Week 10 2019 - Volkswagen Golf R 5dr DSG + £20k

My experience with BOTB is one I’ll never forget. A wet, miserable day certainly didn’t dampen spirits when around 10.30am I had a knock on the door and standing there was Christian and his videographer saying I‘d won BOTB’s weekly Dream Car competition! I had only imagined what winning would be like previously, I had no idea I would feel sick and excited at the same time! As Christian took me to see what I had won (VW Golf R and £20k) I was blown away.

Shortly after the announcement, I was contacted by Will and Vanessa at BOTB’s offices who are genuinely really nice people and wanted to congratulate me and sort out dates for car ordering, collection and getting my prize money across to me. John at the VW dealership was also a pleasure to deal with, he arranged my car to the spec I wanted and got it on order ASAP. It arrived a month early and the time finally came to see my brand new car for the first time. What a beauty! Just Stunning!

I have wanted a Golf R for a long time and never thought I’d have a new one. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it, it’s by far the best car I’ve ever been in. So again I can’t thank you guys enough, to everyone who was involved at BOTB you’ve really changed my life, much appreciated!


Paul Bushnell

Winner 62 Week 7 2019 - Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

When I received a video call from Christian it was a truly surreal experience.  I’d gone to bed as I work nights, only to be woken up by my daughter to say that I needed to take an urgent call from a man called Christian. I don’t know anyone with that name apart from the BOTB main man, so I got up straight away – the moment was all a bit of a blur, but to be told you’re a winner is a superb feeling! 

From the moment of being surprised by Christian to talking to Vanessa at BOTB headquarters the experience I’ve had has been amazing – they are so professional. I actually took the cash alternative as we’d been planning a family holiday. Unbelievably the money arrived in my account the next day - WOW!!! 

I would thoroughly and whole-heartedly recommend BOTB to everyone.  It’s fun to play, has great prizes that are certainly within touching distance of winning and the staff are completely professional and customer focused…a rare feature today. I am one very happy chap...!


Sam Parry

Winner 462 Week 7 2019 - Audi A6 All-Road 3.0 TDI + £20k

I first started playing about 4 years ago but had a break until recently when after seeing a video of someone winning their dream car I started again. I’m so glad I did as you’ve got to be in it to win it! I enjoy playing as the Spot the Ball game is a bit different to normal competitions – it doesn’t just require you to enter and nothing more, there’s a skill aspect which really makes you think. The prizes speak for themselves; there’s something for everyone. 

I was in shock when Christian turned up at my work – it was hard to believe it was happening! I’ve watched so many of the surprise videos but never thought it could happen to me. Such an amazing experience – my mind was going 100 mph… “Which cars had I played for this week?”,  “Which one will it be?” and “Surely this is all a dream and I’ll wake up soon!” Being shown the car was incredible but it got even better when the boot opened and there was £20,000 cash too – absolutely life-changing.

Christian is great and you can tell he is loving every minute of it, which really helps as honestly you have no idea what to do or say! The BOTB team are fantastic and took care of everything – they were more than willing to talk through the whole process which really helped me make the right decision for my family and I. Thanks to everyone!


Chris Gutsell

Winner 61 Week 6 2019 - Omega Dark Side Of The Moon

I was on my way to get more stock when I get a video call on WhatsApp. Straight away I recognised the photo of Christian on my screen and it was like a surge of adrenaline ripped through my body…but annoyingly I couldn't answer it as I was driving! 

I arrived at the wholesalers and immediately called him back - suddenly I'm face to face with a very smiley Christian, we had a small chat then he swung the phone around and showed me the prize I’d won - the Omega Dark Side of the Moon Watch! It was an amazing moment, I was numb for a few days after that but the BOTB team made it all very easy. It’s very rare I win anything, but this goes to prove you have to take a chance every now and then! Thank you to Christian and the BOTB team for making my year!!


Lloyd Greeves

Winner 460 Week 5 2019 - Lamborghini Urus + £20k

To win the Lamborghini was unbelievable. When I saw William at my door I knew instantly who he was, because I’ve been playing for about 5 years and my heart just stopped. I was completely lost for words and never thought this could happen to me in my wildest dreams! William was fantastic and I was so impressed with the whole experience.

I enjoy playing and really look forward to the results every week to see how close I was. I think this is the buzz and what keeps you playing week in week out.

When the BOTB team left I just broke down and cried as the realisation of what had just happened began to sink in. William has created a brilliant format and exciting way to win the car of your dreams. Thank you and especially William for making my dreams come true.


Kieny Mathieu

Winner 58 Week 3 2019 - Gold Tech Bundle

I am a BOTB player for many years - I started playing when there was the car competition once per month. I recently tried to play the Lifestyle competition and was lucky enough to be one of the winners!

The experience with the BOTB team was great. When Christian called me, I was on public transport coming back from work, it was a great surprise for me to learn I had won the Gold Tech Bundle worth £9,000! I received the prize very quickly – thanks to everyone at BOTB!


Derek Hastie

Winner 458 Week 3 2019 - Nissan GT-R Recaro + £20k

I don’t think anything can prepare you for Christian turning up at your door. I’ve watched many winners being surprised and found myself smiling while watching them, thinking how fantastic it must be to get that knock on your door. I think shock is the only way to describe how I felt initially, then excitement that you have just won your dream car. It went so fast, and once the guys had left I was thinking “did that really just happen?” I did have a jump about the kitchen when I had a moment to myself that afternoon! 

BOTB has been great and everything has been very straightforward. John at Nobles Nissan in Edinburgh also kept me informed while I was waiting what felt a lifetime (even though it was only 2 months) for the car to arrive. The car collection day was nice to share with my son, who is 6 and already a petrol head! As for the car itself? It is just sensational! It has had some great reactions – when complete strangers are giving you the thumbs up, or filming the car with their phones, you know you picked the right one!

For the first few days, I was still waiting on someone tapping me on the shoulder to tell me I’d had my fun and it’s time to hand the keys back. I still smile when I open my garage and see the car, still not quite believing it’s actually mine! Thank you to everyone at BOTB for making this possible.


Philip Cottrell

Winner 456 Week 1 2019 - Bentley Continental GT W12 + £20k

Thanks to you all and particularly Christian for his clearly genuine pleasure in doing the surprise! Almost surreal when you see him at the door - I recognised the face first, then the logo, then the camera and then it all joined up! I had thought historically the surprise couldn’t be delivered without me having an inkling, particularly because I thought my wife wouldn’t be able to keep the secret, but she played a very self-effacing part in ensuring the surprise. 

I’ve been playing BOTB since almost the very beginning where on a trip I purchased my first tickets from the stand at Heathrow airport where BOTB occupied a prestigious location in the departure shopping area, which made the pleasure of purchasing the tickets all the more exciting and became my primary focus on any travels that we took. I’ve been playing avidly ever since, mainly online with some success and getting close on numerous occasions.  

I’ve been very pleased with the experience of playing and even more so now I’ve won! BOTB have been a pleasure to interact with – thanks again.


Adrian Pascalin

Winner 51 Week 48 2018 - £10,000 Cash

Since I found out about BOTB I started playing straight away and never look back since. It’s a very good competition where you have the chance to win a great prize for little money. And it’s fun as well! 

The day I received the call from Christian I was busy at work organizing the jobs for my crew. I was on the phone with people on the site and when I finished my conversation

I saw 7 missed video calls. Then the phone rang again on my WhatsApp and there he was... Christian!! I could not believe my eyes, I’ve only dreamed about it. I’ve watched so many of these calls with the past winners, I always wondered would I ever get the chance to get on the winner’s panel?! And it happened, thank God. I always wanted to have my name written on a jumbo cheque! :)

I 1000% recommend anyone to get on board and play, you never know when is your turn to become a winner. Thanks again BOTB.


Vincent Moorby

Winner 50 Week 47 2018 - Indian FTR 1200 S

Wow... amazing... what can I say... I thought I was dreaming when I saw Christian’s face pop up on my mobile phone that winning morning. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of this competition (as I'm sure many others have) and wondered if those winners were real people. Well, wonder no more. I've won. I've spread the word and told all my family, friends and work colleagues…and (although with some envy) they all are happy for me and my big win. More so they’re happy to actually know somebody who has won. Thank you to all of the BOTB team. Since winning my prize everything has been handled efficiently, seamlessly and with a friendliness that will put BOTB as a company in good stead in the future. Wishing you every success! :D


David Barrois

Winner 450 Week 47 2018 - Range Rover Velar D300 R-Dyn SE + £20k

I was playing occasionally since 2011 as I passed through airports, but I really started to be a player when I discovered the BOTB website in 2014. Since then, I regularly tried to play even if the people around me were a bit sceptical - I think they totally changed their minds after my win!

I was not working the morning that Christian came to surprise me...and even though I had thought about winning many times (and on a few occasions been very close to it), I was completely shocked when I saw him. To see Christian standing in front of me left me speechless, trying to differentiate between dream and reality!  

The win has changed our lives and I’m very grateful to the BOTB team - I’ll never forget the sentence that’s at the end of all the winner's videos: “see you next week, hopefully surprising you!” - that sentence spoke to me! Thanks, team, you are the Best of the Best! 


Tasib Hussain

Winner 449 Week 46 2018 - Audi RS4 Avant + £20k Cash

I have been playing BOTB for about 2 years - I started after seeing a local petrol station employee winning a BMW M4 + £20k Cash.

When I saw Christian at my front door I was in shock, as you play the game but never think that you could be the winner. It took me a moment to realise he was only here for one reason and when he said 'I have something to show you', I was like WOW!!!

Receiving the prize of an Audi RS4 + £20k cash is totally life changing for me and my family, as financially there is no way I could have gone to a dealership and bought a car worth over £60k! Now I have won my dream car and also have £20k cash to spend on my family – I still can’t believe this has happened! 

Thanks very much to all at the BOTB Team for making dreams come true, ultimately changing mine and my family’s lives.


Mark Foxley

Winner 47 Week 44 2018 - iPhone Double Pack

I’ve been a BOTB player for over 10 years now, initially playing for the car and more recently the lifestyle competition too. The results on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are something to look forward to, seeing how close entries were and comparing with friends. 

I was delighted to receive a call from Christian informing me I’d won the lifestyle competition, the double iPhone pack, perfect, just when I’m ready for an upgrade. I had an extra big smile on my face when he called as I remembered his voice from 2 years ago when he surprised me with my BMW win!

The surprise and winning call can be a bit surreal at first, but it really is a great feeling, one you’ll never forget.

Christian, Vanessa, and everyone at BOTB ensure the whole process of receiving the prize is straightforward, detailed, speedy and documented, perfect in every way!

Brilliant, thanks guys!


Daniel Temkin

Winner 445 Week 42 2018 - Mini Cooper S + £20k

I’d been on a bike ride and had just finished showering when there was a knock at the door. My wife answered and as I looked down from the top of the stairs (in my pants!) I was greeted by a very friendly Christian, who told me to put some clothes on and come with him. He told me I’d won something pretty exciting and walked me down the road… to my new Mini and £20,000! 

Winning the car and cash was an amazing surprise and couldn't have come at a better time. I am semi-retired and retire completely at eighty at the end of this year. I was expecting to have to give up luxuries like health insurance in the very near future and had given up the idea of buying a new car - I expected to carry on with my Nissan Note, which I bought second hand ten years ago. I still find it difficult to believe I shall have the great pleasure of enjoying the unique smell that goes with a new car and its exciting performance. 

We’ve chosen the colour and a few additions, paid for from the winning cash, and the balance is now safely in my bank account. We now await the delivery - how very exciting! Thanks so much to the BOTB team, especially to the wonderful Vanessa and Christian.


Martin Hook

Winner 440 Week 37 2018 - Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid + £20k Cash

My circumstances drastically changed when I started to be a live-in full-time carer for my elderly parents 24/7. Company cars became a distant memory and the reality of affording a car on my new annual income of £ very little became all too apparent. Despite this, my one guilty pleasure was playing BOTB. I had been playing on and off since ’99 but it had now become a more regular break from the new daily routine, one where I would escape into the realms of “what if!” and “that additional £20k would come in handy!”

I played 5 goes each time and most weeks got somewhat near. I liked the fact that a percentage of my stake money was returned when I got within the target zone and over the weeks this added up in my account, so I played for a better quality vehicle each time. I had seen a fantastic review of the Cayenne E-hybrid the day I played, so opted for that, then sat back and waited. 

Well, Tuesday 18th September will be forever engrained in my mind! To open the door to Christian and the crew has made my year! What a genuinely nice guy, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to the team at BOTB, the communication and service from the team at HQ has been brilliant, you really don’t know how this will improve our lives, I am so very grateful.


Andrew Turner

Winner 39 Week 36 2018 - Yamaha VX Cruiser HO

I’ve been an avid player of BOTB for many years and play regularly. I’m a total petrolhead and really into my bikes and cars, and I’ve even been a runner-up once in the car competition...perseverance is everything! Anyway, when the Lifestyle Competition started I thought this is brilliant - the chance to either win a bike or something that my children will get massive amounts of fun out of – so I play at random price points and for random prizes! 

Now on the day in question, I picked the phone up and recognised Christian's voice immediately! I was sat there thinking, well this is it finally I’ve won something…but as I play both competitions, I had no idea which! Christian then FaceTimed me and confirmed the news that I had won a Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner, which was fabulous news. I was absolutely made up and very happy! The BOTB support staff were fantastic and I would encourage anyone to play BOTB – you’ve got to be in it to win it! It’s a very well-run competition, independently checked and audited as you would expect, and the judging system is fair (watch the videos!) Thanks to everyone at BOTB for running such a great fun competition.


Phil MacIver

Winner 38 Week 35 2018 - £5,000 Cash

I’ve been playing BOTB since almost the very beginning when you could only play at a few airports. What a journey it’s come on since those days with dedication, hard work and the BOTB team listening to the player’s input. It’s hard to think – when I started playing some people who play now weren’t even born! (am I really that old?!) 

When the Lifestyle Competition was introduced this year I was made up, but also at the same time thinking ‘I’ll never win this!” How wrong I was! I arrived to meet an old mate of mine in a pub in Aberdeen - the ideas was to have a bar meal and look at “boys toys”. As soon as I sat down, my phone went – it was a WhatsApp video call and Christian was on the other end!  I was so taken back not knowing what the first few seconds of the phone call would be and then ‘BOOM’, Christian said: “you’ve won £5000!”  I was in total shock. That afternoon I was walking around with a smile from ear to ear and on hyper mode - and that lasted days! 

BOTB are so efficient - I sent the acceptance form back and the money was cleared in my bank the following day - how quick was that!

BOTB are a lot more than just a competition company - William and the team (who are all so lovely and genuine) wanted the normal guy and girl who are petrol heads at heart to win a dream car and that was the vision - and now with the lifestyle competition introduction this can be achieved every week with even more prizes. We all like our cars and toys and that’s BOTB and the player’s common interest. During this journey I’ve met some great people who’ve become really good friends, I make an effort also to visit the BOTB team when they are at show stands – the most recent being Goodwood Festival of Speed this year - and I’m always made so welcome…thank you, Vikki! ;)

What’s next for me? Well, I won the SuperDrives free competition in early 2016 – a trip to New York City with a helicopter ride and an amazing Dragster racing experience – and now I’ve won the Lifestyle competition with £5000 cash.  My goal is to win the car and claim the unofficial “Triple Crown” title, how cool would that be – well ya gotta believe in ya dreams haven’t you! 

My advice - keep positive, keep playing (sensibly) and most importantly, play for the Car or Lifestyle prize that you really want. Good luck!


Marcio Gomes

Winner 37 Week 34 2018 - Samsung Bundle

On a grey August Bank Holiday Monday I was sat eating lunch with my wife having a little break from packing, as we were moving house. My wife’s phone rang & it was Christian from BOTB – I was absolutely gobsmacked when he told me I’d won that week’s Lifestyle competition and it was the amazing Samsung bundle. A few days prior to the call we’d actually looked at buying a new TV for the house move, so when Christian told us what I had won I was blown away!

BOTB has been fantastic all the way through from the very first phone call to the delivery. It was like Christmas Day when all the items arrived and I still cannot believe that I won!! Now I walk around with my brand new Samsung S9+ and the family get to enjoy all the other gadgets. I can’t thank BOTB enough – I’ve never won anything before and really thought this was too good to be true…but it isn’t!! Anyone can win! Thank you BOTB.


Andy Willmott

Winner 437 Week 34 2018 - Nissan GT-R Litchfield Track Edition

It was a normal Tuesday at work and one of my colleagues came into my office saying could I come to reception as there was a package I needed to sign for. When I opened the door to security Christian was standing there with a cameraman, I then started to think this is a bit more than just your usual courier delivery! Christian had parked the car around the corner so I had no idea what I had actually won until we walked up the road to see my fantastic prize – a Nissan GTR!

If you look at the video you will see my total surprise but Christian was great and when walking to the car he made me feel I had known him for years and all his questions made me relax until he unveiled the car….when all I could say was WOW!

Because the car is a Nissan GTR track edition engineered by Litchfield, I won’t have it until early next year and I can’t wait! All the people from BOTB that I have had contact with have been great and really pleased for me, and of course, all my work colleagues around the country want a ride. They have all said how glad they are to know someone who has won and a few have even started entering the competition now too!


Aaron Collins

Winner 35 Week 32 2018 - Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue

I was busy plastering a hallway at a client’s house when Christian and his cameraman poked their heads round the door. To say I was shocked was an understatement - it took me a good 10minutes to actually stop shaking! We sat down to have a chat and Christian put a Bucherer bag on the table - I knew then that I’d won an amazing and very difficult to obtain watch! 

A couple hours after Christian left I received a call from Rupert at BOTB HQ who congratulated me and told me a little more about the watch and what to expect. He said that Vanessa would be looking after me and keeping me updated on the process of getting the watch. She was fantastic and kept me in the loop every step of the way - it was about 2 weeks later that I got the email from Vanessa letting me know that they had obtained the watch and asking me when I could pick it up!!!

I'm extremely grateful and very impressed with all the team at BOTB, it really is a fantastic company that makes dreams come true.


Chris Rouine

Winner 431 Week 28 2018 - Porsche Macan GTS + £20k Cash

Looking back at the previous day’s events it should have been obvious that something just wasn’t right..? The wife didn’t eat her tea on the Monday evening! Wasn’t hungry she said, she got out of bed at 11.30pm, couldn’t sleep she said, and all because she had earlier taken the call from Christian on her way back from work that I was this week’s winner and all the better when she realised it was her dream car that had won.

Julie was my contact in case I was lucky enough to win and I’m still surprised to this day she kept the fact I’d won away from me but so glad that she did!

When Christian knocked on the boardroom door and entered it felt so surreal..? I knew who he was but it couldn’t be to surprise me? That just doesn’t happen but that’s the beauty of the competition it can happen to anyone and one of the reasons I find the competition so fantastic and one I’ll continue to enter as long as it’s available!

Thanks again to Christian for being so infectious as you really are dumbstruck at first but he pulls you out of your shell to enjoy the surprise to its fullest!

The whole team at BOTB are there for you and provide great support. We have decided to wait until the facelifted Porsche Macan S is available but get the GTS bits included. We should be looking at specifications in Sept 2018 and hopefully be in a position to pick up the car early 2019. Julie can’t wait!


Michael Beardmore

Winner 430 Week 27 2018 - Mini Mulgari Icon 2 + £20k Cash

Tuesday, 10th July I approached the address where I was working and who pops up from behind the scaffolder’s truck but the cheeky chap Christian... it took a while to register, but I knew then I’d won my Mini Mulgari! There it was, parked around the corner with the BOTB flags on both sides and the lovely ‘Winner’ sign at the front.

After a quick rundown of the car’s spec - and not to mention the £20k that was in the suitcase in the boot – Christian headed back to London and 8 weeks later after the customisation to my specification, I traveled down to the Mulgari Automotive showroom to pick up my prize.  After owning it now for a couple of weeks, all I can say is what a fantastic car and fantastic competition.  I can only say to people that don't believe it's real, it sure is and to keep playing – you never know!  I would like to thank all at BOTB for an amazing experience.


Umberto Bezzi

Winner 28 Week 25 2018 - Camera Bundle

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I received the phone call I was hoping for.

I was really taken by BOTB: that day at lunch I took my time to explain to my girlfriend how the game works and proudly showed her my point selection.

"Wouldn't it be nice to win? I watch YouTube reviews of high-end Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras on a daily basis knowing that I'll probably never get to hold one, let alone use them"

She replied hopefully. She's always been my good luck charm!

Can't believe that was the same day I woke her up to tell her I had won. I haven't been playing for long at all: I found about it a while back and played occasionally in the past two months.

Half an hour before my shift my mobile phone rang with an unfamiliar number from Great Britain. I answered and found Christian's cheerful voice on the phone. Warily, I thought it was a phone survey. "How is your experience with our platform?" sort of thing. Surely I couldn't have won the camera bundle. I mean, what are the chances? A huge smile greeted me on the other end of the video call notifying me that I had won a brand new Nikon D850 and the whole bundle with it. I was speechless: my brother was in the same room and gave me the weirdest look of my life as I don't get to speak English quite often in an Italian household. I explained everything to my family afterwards and we celebrated that night with a lovely bottle of Franciacorta.

The BOTB team was very helpful: Just days later I agreed to the prize via phone and a few forms later my shiny new camera was on its way. I still couldn't believe it. I can't to this very day, but I just came back from my yearly holiday with the loveliest pictures of my life.


Zhen Pan

Winner 428 Week 25 2018 - Toyota GT86 + £20,000 Cash

I was doing revision for a test the next day when I got a video call from guess who...Christian. After I received the news that I had won a brand new Toyota GT86, I couldn't focus on my studies anymore. My friends all know my dream car is a 86, and I always talk about it! I had been trying to achieve my goal of owning one, however, as a student at university, my goal was always too far away from me. Winning a brand new 86 means a lot to me, I really appreciate the opportunity that BOTB has offered me to finally own one.

About a year ago, I was watching a drag race on Youtube. At the end of the race, Christian said that BOTB give away a car every week and I decided to give it a go! The whole team at BOTB are very professional. They have been in contact with me regularly via e-mail and phone calls. I am currently living in New Zealand, which is far from the UK but the BOTB team has been excellent at overcoming any distance difficulties.


Mohamad Behery

Winner 427 Week 24 2018 - Range Rover Urban Velar D300 + £20k Cash

I was on holiday and got woken up with a text message from BOTB’s Christian asking me to call him back ASAP, and now I am thinking I’m in dreamland and that I hadn't actually woken up and it’s all a dream, then the phone rings and it's him asking me to accept the next video call as he has some exciting news! 

To be honest, I had no idea what was going on as I had always felt 'it will never be me’.

So the phone rings again, still not 100% clear what's going on and then his face appears on the screen and OMG, it's actually happening, had my wife and daughter around me all feeling the excitement and hype! 

All I could say is 'oh my god', seeing my name on the board at the Urban factory, then the beautiful car (Range Rover Velar!) and then the boot opening with the £20,000 CASH!

My wife is having laughing fits and my daughter is screaming 'baba, look, baba, car' in the background…lol!

This was by no doubt the best birthday gift EVER (it was my birthday the day before) and especially being a winner whilst on holiday, motivation to come back home.

To say the least I treated my family to KFC, as my daughter requested!!!

Thanks, BOTB, I can't wait to play again.


Gary Hely

Winner 426 Week 23 2018 - Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible + £20k Cash

Well, I’ve been playing BOTB every now and then for a few years and as always would play and then look to see how close I’d got. So after playing on Friday, I was waiting for the results to come through and find out again how close this time. 

This time was different. Waiting for my next client to arrive I looked out the window to see a BOTB gilet walking towards the door followed by a cameraman, of course, Christian was laughing as he opened the door. 

I, on the other hand, have to admit it took me a few seconds to take in what was actually happening and then OMG. I couldn’t believe it, what a totally surreal feeling and shock. Even when Christian was speaking to me, my mind was whizzing in disbelief. I’d won my dream car a Porsche turbo cabriolet and the money. This time it was me.

Playing BOTB has made a dream come true and I can’t wait till I collect this fantastic car and drive our amazing Scottish roads in it.

A big thank you to BOTB for being so fantastic and to all the team I’m in contact with, I’ll never forget the day, still feels surreal.


Rex Cardy

Winner 25 Week 22 2018 - Camera Bundle

There are so many lifestyle prizes at a low cost, and the choice was endless, I couldn't see myself on a jet ski or a dune buggy, I already had lots of watches (although not at those prices), and I can just about ride a 125cc scooter, let alone the big motorbikes which were available. So, as I have only just retired, I saw myself as a budding photographer, a drone pilot or on a cruise somewhere sipping cocktails and watching the dolphins, amongst other things! I spent around £10.00 that particular week, and then sat back to watch Christian on YouTube presenting prizes and cars to a few people over the years. It's better than watching the telly, that guy has such an infectious laugh and is very good at springing the surprise!

Anyway, later that week, I was on the BOTB site looking to see who the winners were, it's a regular thing for me, as I have a few mates who play as well. The car winner was there, but the lifestyle competition was yet to be announced... then low and behold, whilst on the website, my phone rang and it was only Christian. He informed me at that time that I had won the Camera, worth over 6K, and promptly showed me on the screen, gobsmacked wasn't the word! It was like a dream, and after just seeing him on the website as well. Because of the initial shock of winning and speaking to Christian, I think I may have talked a bit of gobbledegook during the video, when I watch it back I can't understand myself!

The overall experience from BOTB was one which I will remember for a long time, it was two days before my birthday when I won which made it even more special. The staff called the next day, and everything was arranged quick and easy, big thank you to Vanessa, who looked after me with a few questions and emails.

It's well worth going for it, give it a go, - I now play for the cars, as I'm waiting on that BOTB hug from Christian over here in Jersey! If Christian ever goes on holiday I'm up for giving his job ago, I'd love to drive those cars.


Graham Tottle

Winner 424 Week 21 2018 - Range Rover P400e Autobiography + £20k Cash

I have been playing BOTB for about 18 years, occasionally getting credits for being close to the spot, but recently I have been using the online tools to help me decide where to place my cross. It worked! I was shocked and elated when I opened my office door to be greeted by Christian's 1000 watt smile. I had played for a Mercedes Vito camper as well as the Range Rover P400e Autobiography so I was delighted to discover that I had won the Range Rover - and £20,000 cash! 

A very surreal experience, but delightful. After Christian and the video technician had left, my concentration was shot and I was totally useless at work so I treated everyone to lunch and took the afternoon off. The BOTB support staff were quickly in contact to assist me in making my decision, and I also received a call from Rupert, their Commercial Director.

I was volunteering at a charity beer and music festival over the weekend and wore my BOTB gilet for the first time in public.  I was approached numerous times by people who had seen the online adverts etc but had dismissed them as being a scam. The gilet was distinctive and they thought that I may be something to do with the organisation. I reassured them that it was indeed totally 100% genuine and suggested that they search online for my winner's video. They all came back to me later in the day and said they were pleased that someone they knew had won. I think that you will have quite a few more entrants from my area this week!


Daniel Tostevin

Winner 420 Week 17 2018 - Mercedes A45 AMG

After playing BOTB for the last couple of years, I always hoped one day I would win - I’d been very close before on several occasions, so I just couldn’t give up! It was the Sunday night before I won when I realised I hadn’t played my tickets for that week’s competition, so I got out of bed and put some tickets down. Well, how glad am I that I forced myself out of bed that night! What a surprise I had come that Tuesday morning. I always thought that I’d never be surprised because someone would either give it away or if there was a knock on the door on a Tuesday morning, I’d know it was BOTB’s Christian. I was very, very wrong! Having not taken much of a second thought to the doorbell going at 6.50am, I looked through the peephole and there he was!! My heart was racing as I just knew what was in store - my dream car! Christian was absolutely amazing - for a guy who may have one of the best jobs in the world, he made the experience unforgettable. 

I couldn’t wait to then pick up my new car just a few weeks later with BOTB helping me every step of the way. I genuinely look forward to driving my new A45 every day and I can’t thank BOTB enough for all they have done!


Oliver Cooper

Winner 418 Week 15 2018 - BMW M2 + £20k Cash

As a regular player of BOTB for the last 5-6 years, I always felt there was a chance to win, in fact, I’d been a runner-up before winning £200 game credit. Other times I have been so close to winning I got excited on Tuesday mornings hoping Christian would turn up knocking on my door!

When I did get that knock on my door from Christian it was simply a shock to the system and an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy! From the surprise to the dealing with Vanessa & William at BOTB with the prize and money I couldn’t be more grateful. An amazing group of people who make your dreams come true...literally. Thank you so much for changing our lives for the better. 


Philip Bodycote

Winner 416 Week 13 2018 - Bentley Continental GT W12 + £20K Cash

Greatest experience of my life! I was surprised at Gatwick airport on my way out to France for a short break. Christian appeared, like the shopkeeper from Mr. Ben, and announced that I'd won the competition for week 13 of 2018. He then took me down to the car park to show me the car, a brand new Bentley Continental GT W12. Stunned and excited don't come close to how I felt. Christian then reminded me that I'd also played for £20,000 in cash! I didn't sleep properly for two days afterwards!

We've already discussed the specification for the car and ordered it. All this was done within a few days of winning the competition. Communication has been excellent at every stage of this process and I can't praise all of the BOTB staff highly enough.

I've played this competition since the start, way back in 1999 and it has gone from strength to strength. The car lineup has grown immensely, whilst the cost of entry has reduced significantly. This really is such a good competition to enter and, if you're as lucky as I was, you'll come away with a life changing prize.


Omar Fayyad

Winner 412 Week 9 2018 - Honda Civic Type-R GT + £20K Cash

The feeling when I’ve seen the lovely face of Christian giving me the surprise of life was indescribable, I’ve never felt like that before, it’s really an unforgettable experience. Every day I wake up, I remember that moment, it was like a dream, what a dream, a real one. I hope everyone wins his dream car, it’s just a matter of time and patience. Excuse me if I cannot thank you enough. I’m eager to meet you all, and I’ll pray to god to keep you in good health and to keep you away from difficulties and worries. Thank you all again and again.


Lucia Morrison

Winner 409 Week 6 2018 - Range Rover Evoque + £20K Cash

I received a call from reception when at work to say I had received a delivery and that I had to go to reception immediately. The urgency did seem a bit strange because I wasn’t expecting anything. I was totally shocked when I realised what was going on and when Christian came walking towards me I started to shake which took the rest of the day to subside. It was the strangest yet most incredible experience, especially given that it was my first time playing. I woke the next day and seriously wondered if it was all a dream. I didn’t actually think theses things happen but it definitely does. Best money I’ve ever spent :) thanks BOTB


Thomas Gunning

Winner 404 Week 1 2018 - Jaguar XE S + £20K Cash
The day that I won the Dream Car Competition with BOTB was the best and most bizarre day of my life so far. My girlfriend had been keeping the secret from the day before and told me that a parcel had arrived for me - I could never have expected a parcel this incredible! The whole service from BOTB was amazing. After Christian came and surprised us I was able to go and test drive the car from the Jaguar dealership nearby, I then had a couple of pleasant phone calls with BOTB HQ who guided me through everything I needed to do to have the money arrive in my account.
To anyone out there who wants a chance to have an amazing car - try BOTB - go for it! 
Thanks so much BOTB for everything!

Tom Harvey

Winner 402 Week 51 2017 - Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS + £20K Cash

What a fantastic Christmas! I was invited around my parents for breakfast when, to my surprise, Christian turned up to the front door! I really could not believe my eyes, I instantly knew who he was as I watch the winners videos almost every week. I was speechless. Ive always enjoyed watching the look on peoples faces and the shock but I can honestly say watching my video back, you cannot prepare yourself for the sense of excitement that moment brings, it is utterly amazing and to be honest it still hasn't sunk in.

One unforgettable part was the week my partner complained about me wasting my money on this competition when Christmas was coming up. On the day I won, she turned to me and said “I'm so glad you never listen to me”.

From start to finish BOTB have been fantastic and I can't thank them enough... Now just waiting to collect my car!



Lennart Burzlaff

Winner 399 Week 48 2017 - TVR Griffith + £20K Cash

BOTB drew my attention when they were given a shoutout by a sponsored youtube channel that I had subscribed to. I never thought much about gambling and lotteries but when I looked at how it works and what you can win I decided to give it a try. I didn't set my mind on a particular car, just played for whatever caught my attention, I didn't really believe that I would win anyway. You read or hear about people winning something all the time, but you don't really believe it could be you. You just hope. When i saw a UK number displayed on my phone (I don't live in the UK so it was obvious who it was from) I got so excited! Heart racing, adrenaline flowing, a feeling you don't get any day. I was at work and couldn't take a vid call for different reasons. So I rushed home on my bike to take the call, unable to grasp that it had actually happened. I think i won't fully understand it until i take a seat (and of course a drive) when the car is shipped (production hasn't yet begun).

I want to thank BOTB for all the long term work they are doing to make it possible for me to have such an exclusive car, thus making a dream come true!


Chris Sleight

Winner 398 Week 47 2017 - Audi RS4 + £20k Cash

It was by chance that I was off work on the Tuesday, due to sad personal reasons, but the day changed when the wife suddenly called out that 'a strange man was coming to the door'. As I came down the stairs I could see who it was through the glass plus the cameraman behind Christian gave it away. I have watched so many videos of people winning on the site and it felt as if I was watching one again, total shock. The next half an hour I was on a different planet. I started playing BOTB once a month at the end of 2016 after seeing a TV advert but started playing once a week online through 2017 and kept winning game credit and using that to keep on playing. I came close a few times, starting listening to winners tactics and watched a few of the judges videos and was lucky enough to win a new Audi RS4. It goes to show that anyone can win, you just have to play. Many thanks to everyone at BOTB for making dreams come true. Best of luck, Chris.


Ralph Talabi

Winner 395 Week 44 2017 - Mercedes C250d AMG Line

On Tues 7th Nov (what a day!), I was waiting on a few books ordered from Amazon, when I heard the buzzer with a voice saying “delivery!” I never thought much more than the expected books - I didn’t even notice the BOTB logo on Christian’s t-shirt! Walking closer to me I thought "I've seen that face before!", but I couldn’t remember where from. He must have introduced himself, then it hit me - BOTB! Could I have won something? Still in shock, we walked out the front where a Mercedes C250d AMG was waiting - what a surprise!

It’s still surreal to me how a £2-odd ticket could have won a top of the range Mercedes AMG. My return on total investment is probably the highest comparatively with anything I have done. Having been close several times, I started watching and giving more attention to the Judging videos and using the tools on the website to improve my chances… Bingo!

It is what it says on the tin: “BEST OF THE BEST”! Great experience, great customer service, I even got a congratulatory call from the CEO. Absolutely nothing like it. I have since downloaded and watched my winning video over and over again, as I still can’t believe I actually won. With little or no football skills, a touch of luck and a lot of God on your side it can be YOU next. Anyone can win. All my friends are now playing - it’s the best!


Bamidele Johnson

Winner 394 Week 43 2017 - BMW X6 M50d

It was only my very first time entering the competition and I really didn't have any expectations of winning my dream car. I didn't think the odds were in my favour but, to my amazement, I see Christian at my door with a brand new BMW! 

It was surreal and of course a miracle, as i believe strongly in the miraculous blessing of God. I am thankful to Jesus Christ and to BOTB for making Christmas come early for my family and I.


Roger Bryce

Winner 393 Week 42 2017 - Mercedes C43 AMG + £20K Cash

The visit by Christian on Tuesday totally blindsided me! I had absolutely no idea it was going to be me. 

People keep asking me if it’s sunk in yet and I don’t believe it has. I’ve been totally useless at work. I keep zoning out, thinking back to Tuesday or what the car will look like, did it really happen, nah it didn’t, did it? When I snap out of it it’s usually to people laughing at me saying “there he is, he’s back in the room”. 

I play for the car, always have, always will. The car means a lot to me. It’s an amazing opportunity to own a brand new car that no one else will have driven other than me on the road. It’s something that most people will never get to experience. I’ve always been a Mercedes fan and I’ve had to watch in awe and I’ll admit some jealousy as friends have bought them over the years, mainly classics but still Mercedes all the same. Now it’s my turn and it’s a brand new shiny AMG! 

Thank you so much to everyone of you for making all this possible. 


Graham Noakes

Winner 390 Week 39 2017 - Jaguar XE S + £20K Cash

I started playing BOTB after coming across their stand at an airport almost 10 years ago.  Having discovered that the game could be played online, I have played from time to time ever since. The fact I had only played a handful of times in 2017 proves that anyone can win! 

The challenge of spotting the ball makes this more fun for me than doing the national lottery. My preference for BOTB paid off handsomely when Christian and Dave arrived on Tuesday to surprise me with my win - A Jaguar XE S PLUS £20,000!  I had often dreamed of winning and being able to surprise the family but the tables were turned with this win.  My wife and children all knew of my win on the Monday and contrived to ensure I would be at home when Christian arrived.  The utter surprise is clear from my reaction on the video of the presentation - I was totally stunned! 

The whole experience has been fantastic and the post-presentation arrangements by all at BOTB has been absolutely first-class.


Paul Thorpe

Winner 389 Week 38 2017 - Audi RS3 + £20K Cash

To everyone at BOTB, I want to say thank you for a brilliant day today. I absolutely love my Audi RS3. The car and the £20,000 has made a big difference to our lives. After so many nearly wins it was a total shock to finally get the knock at the door. I hope everyone at BOTB has a brilliant Christmas and a fantastic 2018.


Raymond Nathan

Winner 388 Week 37 2017 - Mercedes AMG GT + £20K Cash

Well what can I say - being woken up at 4am Mexico time and told you have won the car plus £20 grand as well, I could not believe it! Never thought it could be me - been on a high since the phone call, bottles & bottles of champagne drunk!

What a way to start a holiday and our ruby wedding anniversary, it was well worth doing it and as the saying goes - you've got to be in it to win it! Thank you BOTB.


Murray Storm

Winner 386 Week 35 2017 - Skoda Octavia vRS 245 DSG + £20K Cash
Tuesday the 5th September 2017 is a date I'll not forget! I'd played semi-regularly through the website since first seeing the BOTB stand at Gatwick airport a few years ago. 

I'd always said to my wife Claire that I was quite confident I'd win it one day - I'd been very close before and actually a runner up a couple of times, however I'll be honest and say that more recently I'd started to doubt my previous optimism a bit!

So just a normal Tuesday at work, then around lunchtime my colleague asked me to come out to reception to help him with something and hiding around the corner was Christian from BOTB! I'm pretty familiar with the surprise process having seen it many times before online but for it to happen to me in person was such a great experience and I was honestly a bit gobsmacked!

The car I won was the new Octavia VRS245 DSG, a fantastic hot hatch for the family man, and I'm taking delivery in late December/early January. I think actually picking up the car it will properly sink in at that point, but in the meantime BOTB have sent the £20,000 cash prize which is going to pay off my current car and a credit card, finish our garden renovation, book a a nice family holiday for next year and put some money set aside to cover baby expenses as my wife is expecting our second child in Jan 2018... it really couldn't have come at a better time!

To anyone reading this that's playing/considering playing, you've just as much chance as anyone else and if i can win, anyone can!!


Dominic Smith

Winner 385 Week 34 2017 - BMW M3

I've been playing online for years now. I love the game and always wished it could be me, but sadly, it never was. I was always happy for the other winners who were smiling on my screen though - that gave me hope.

But one week my whole luck changed - I played my game and 2 days later I got a call from Christian asking me to Facetime him! It can't be I thought?? I was so nervous. I called back and there he was, a beaming smile telling me i was this week's winner. I'm still in a daze about the whole thing! It couldn't have come at a better time as I'm planning to get married next year!

It takes skill, it takes practice, it takes persistence and it takes a bit of luck. And i feel so blessed to be one of the lucky ones! Keep on playing and keep an eye on your phone, because the next call could be you! Thank you all of the staff at Best of the Best - such a great team!


Robert Dowdell

Winner 384 Week 33 2017 - Range Rover Evoque

I've played BOTB for several years, often receiving credits for near misses. But nothing compares with that call from Christian informing me that I had won the weekly competition and was to be the proud owner of a Range Rover Evoque.
Ironically I was at a car dealer having my car repaired, so the timing couldn't have been better. The BOTB team have been fantastic and I cannot praise them enough for their professionalism and how friendly they have been throughout.


Mark Hyde

Winner 382 Week 31 2017 - Audi RS3

I am genuinely in debt to the BOTB team and William for coming up with this competition to allow 'Joe / Josie'  from down the street to win and own a real dream car. For a car nut like me it's simply beyond words.

As for the car itself - the picture tells the story. My daughter, who was also there on the day, thought there would be more scoops and spoilers, but this car is quite understated. Once she heard the engine and felt the acceleration she realised ...... a real Q car from old!

Many, many thanks again to all at the BOTB for making this happen and so smoothly. I wish you all every success for the future!


Steve Fletcher

Winner 381 Week 30 2017 - Ford Focus RS

On the day I remember Christian coming to my house and I was supposed be leaving for Paris to do a delivery. I had to delay the trip while it sunk in and was in a complete daze the whole way there.

It's been so exciting in the build up to collecting my car - I’ve not been able to sleep much and I’ve felt like a kid at Christmas! Thank you BOTB!


Roman Krochuk

Winner 380 Week 29 2017 - Mercedes SL63 AMG
I started playing BOTB a few years back while flying though Birmingham, when I saw the stand in the Departure Lounge. A few hours to wait for a plane and a few pounds in the pocket - that's how it started! Playing from time to time, it's always been an experience of checking in once in a while and cheering for the lucky guys.

One Tuesday morning I was home after spending 20+ hours working offshore at the drilling rig. Writing a report, having a shower and getting to bed. I was awoken 1 hour later by the phone, and Christian introducing himself. The line broke and I crawled out to my office checking out the phone. I realized there were a few messages from BOTB, and a video call followed.

Sleepy, impressed, shocked, intrigued, there was this moment of realizing this is a call from THAT company, and trying to remember which cars I played for. The only phrase I recall saying was something about this car being a beauty.

The realisation came hours and days later. The close ones responded cheerfully, and one of the guys at work came to know. One of them also plays BOTB and he caught up with me a few days later being all surprised. "you, was that really you?", the conversation started...

I've become a little story among friends and family, and BOTB has become a website my friends are now visiting regularly!


Jeremy Crawley

Winner 379 Week 28 2017 - Mercedes C250D AMG Line + £20K Cash
When Christian walked in with the video camera guy behind him I didn't know what to expect (movie improv routine?) but seeing the BOTB logo on Christian's gilet was such a surprise I didn't know what to say! It all happened so fast, my head was pounding and i couldn't compose a coherent response!

The team was efficient, friendly and they clearly worked hard to setup beforehand to make it a memorable experience.  The feeling of butterflies when you realise who it is and then what you're in for...approaching your new car is indescribable! The photoshoot with it was great, I couldn't believe it was happening just like the other winners I'd seen, but this time in the local area I know well - the local press even covered it, I felt like a local celebrity!

All of my friends seem to be playing now as well. I can't help rewatching the video, grinning from ear to ear every time - a fantastic day, brilliantly executed!


David Tan

Winner 371 Week 20 2017 - Lexus RC-F
While I was in London on a business trip in June, I took the opportunity to pop over to Amsterdam for a visit. While waiting for my EasyJet flight, I chanced upon the BOTB booth and was asked if I wanted to participate in the game. As I still had some time before my departure, I enquired about the draw and being convinced, I paid a few pounds to participate.

On my return, I received a phone call but refused to take it as the number on my mobile was not from someone I knew. Later while at a cafe, I had free wifi so responded with a whatsapp call and was told I was the winner of that week. I did not believe it as I thought it was a scam and fake call. However a Mr. Christian was able to convince me and I took a taxi to the BOTB office just to be 100% sure that the caller and the company were genuine. I arrived at their office and was invited to a room where several BOTB staff came to congratulate me - they took photographs and I was given a bottle of champagne!

I want to say that not only is the draw genuine but the BOTB staff all stand up to their tag line of the Best of the Best in all aspects of professionalism and mannerism. I have read various reviews that this company scams people through this draw but let me have the last word, I am a Singaporean, was in UK only for about two weeks or so, no one coaxed me to buy but I did and I won!

BOTB is indeed the Best of The Best. Like me, just go and participate and you will never know, you may win that dream car!


Neil Read

Winner 365 Week 14 2017 - Porsche 718 Cayman S

I often walk past the BOTB stand at Stansted Airport, but this time - spurred on by my son - I stopped to play.....and I'm so glad I did. I never dreamt I would win but, within two days, Christian and the BOTB team had conspired with my wife to surprise me at work with a brand new Porsche Cayman S.
I couldn't believe it....and, if you watch me on the BOTB channel, you'll see just how shocked I was!! The car is now ordered and I have just a few weeks until it's delivered - I can't wait!! Thanks to everyone at BOTB for making it possible.