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Midweek Lifestyle competition winner & results Umberto Bezzi - Camera Bundle 18 - 24 Jun Week 25 2018


Congratulations to our latest Lifestyle Competition winner, Umberto Bezzi who has won an amazing Camera Bundle worth over £6,000! Umberto is a cook with a passion for photography - and with the bundle offering everything from memory cards to a tri-pod he’s now ready to ditch the kitchen and put his photography skills to the test. Congratulations Umberto!


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It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I received the phone call I was hoping for.

I was really taken by BOTB: that day at lunch I took my time to explain to my girlfriend how the game works and proudly showed her my point selection.

"Wouldn't it be nice to win? I watch YouTube reviews of high-end Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras on a daily basis knowing that I'll probably never get to hold one, let alone use them"

She replied hopefully. She's always been my good luck charm!

Can't believe that was the same day I woke her up to tell her I had won. I haven't been playing for long at all: I found about it a while back and played occasionally in the past two months.

Half an hour before my shift my mobile phone rang with an unfamiliar number from Great Britain. I answered and found Christian's cheerful voice on the phone. Warily, I thought it was a phone survey. "How is your experience with our platform?" sort of thing. Surely I couldn't have won the camera bundle. I mean, what are the chances? A huge smile greeted me on the other end of the video call notifying me that I had won a brand new Nikon D850 and the whole bundle with it. I was speechless: my brother was in the same room and gave me the weirdest look of my life as I don't get to speak English quite often in an Italian household. I explained everything to my family afterwards and we celebrated that night with a lovely bottle of Franciacorta.

The BOTB team was very helpful: Just days later I agreed to the prize via phone and a few forms later my shiny new camera was on its way. I still couldn't believe it. I can't to this very day, but I just came back from my yearly holiday with the loveliest pictures of my life.