Dream car competition winner & results Leslie Green - BMW X5 xDrive30d M-Sport + £10k Cash Week 25 2017 (19th - 25th June)



A drizzly day in Stourport-on-Severn brightened significantly for Leslie Green - Dream Car winner number 376 - with the arrival of Christian and a sparkling new BMW X5 xDrive30d M-Sport worth £57,460! As pleased as Les was to see the BOTB surprise team, it was his wife Pauline who got most excited, giving Christian the biggest hug he’s had this year… especially when she saw the £10,000 in cash Les also won. Congratulations to both Les and Pauline!


Winning Coordinates

Reward Scheme

Dream Car Credit is awarded for doing well in Dream Car Competitions, depending on how close you are to the winning position.

  • Zone 1

    For each ticket in Zone 1, we will credit your account with 100% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 2

    For each ticket in Zone 2, we will credit your account with 15% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 3

    For each ticket in Zone 3, we will credit your account with 10% of your ticket value after discounts

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The winner is calculated by external auditors Wilkins Kennedy, a top 20 UK accountancy group. View confirmation letter


  • Matthew Rea - AFA Referee
  • Gareth Dineen - AFA Referee
  • Ari Mendonca - AFA Referee
  • Hugh Gilroy - AFA Referee
  • Leo Donnellan - Ex Professional Footballer
  • Alain Goma - Ex Professional Footballer
  • Sol Campbell - Ex Professional Footballer


The top 20 closest players to the winning coordinates all receive £200 in Dream Car Credit.

  • Sukhwinder Singh (GB) - Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE + £10k
  • Giles Brockbank (GB) - Abarth 595 Competizione + £10k
  • Kacy Williams (GB) - Mercedes A45 AMG + £10k
  • Robert Harmon (GB) - Audi RS5 + £10k
  • Jamie McMillan (GB) - Mercedes A45 AMG
  • Emanuel Harambasa (HR) - Mercedes A45 AMG + £10k
  • Mark Longhurst (GB) - BMW M4 Convertible
  • Peter Walshe (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage S
  • Phillip Izzard (GB) - Mercedes A45 AMG + £10k
  • Lionel Kleintjes (JE) - Jaguar F-Type V6S + £10k
  • Colin Horwood (GB) - Caterham 420
  • Shaun Dowe (GB) - BMW X5 xDrive30d M-Sport
  • Anastasia Papadopoulou (GB) - Abarth 595 Competizione
  • Fareed Shah (GB) - Audi RS3 + £10k
  • Humayun Abdul (NO) - Volkswagen Golf R
  • Justin Kay (GB) - BMW M2 + £10k
  • Hacon Edgley (GB) - Porsche Macan Turbo + £10k
  • Ian Daniels (GB) - Porsche 718 Cayman S
  • Kevin Ross (IE) - BMW X5 xDrive30d M-Sport + £10k
  • Paulo Gunson (GB) - Audi RS3 + £10k