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One Day Special competition winner & results Raymond Van Tonder - New MG 4 X-Power (£36,495) + £2,000 25 - 25 Jan Week 4 2024



Raymond Van Tonder from Northwich has won an incredible MG 4 X-POWER and £2,000 cash after spending just over £1 on his ticket!

“Wow, beautiful! I am so happy!” He squealed as he couldn’t contain his joy.

“Oh my…!” His wife gasped, joining the call with Christian to share her excitement.

Congratulations to you both and we wish you all the best!


"They may take our lives, but they'll never take our...!"




Mel Gibson famously finishes the line with the word "freedom". Braveheart won five Academy Awards.


A further 50 correct answers have been drawn as runners-up, each receiving £100 Dream Car Credit.

  • A Docksey - Cash Prize £20,000 (GB)
  • A Haque - Audi Q2 Black Edition 35 TFSI + £2,000 (GB)
  • A Walker - Audi Q2 Black Edition 35 TFSI + £2,000 (GB)
  • A Whitty - Audi Q2 Black Edition 35 TFSI + £2,000 (GB)
  • A Yousaf - Cash Prize £20,000 (GB)
  • A Yovev - Apple Apple: Tech Bundle + £10,000 (GB)
  • B Brown - Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (GB)
  • B Stoian - MG 4 X-Power + £2,000 (GB)
  • C Foreman - Cash Prize £15,000 (GB)
  • C Gafencu - MG 4 X-Power + £2,000 (GB)
  • C Piper - Cash Prize £60,000 (GB)
  • C Varghese - Cash Prize £60,000 (GB)
  • C Wilson - Cash Prize £15,000 (GB)
  • E Treharne - Tech Bundle: Gadgets + £10,000 (GB)
  • F Stoker - Audi Q2 Black Edition 35 TFSI + £2,000 (GB)
  • G Gittoes - Audi Q2 Black Edition 35 TFSI + £2,000 (GB)
  • G Ward - Wedding: Dream Wedding Package (IE)
  • H Watson - Audi Q2 Black Edition 35 TFSI + £2,000 (GB)
  • J Bramald - Pioneer: DJ Set-up + £10,000 (GB)


My morning started with 2 missed calls and a WhatsApp messages from Christian saying that he is going to give me a call in another couple of minutes. When he video called me, the screen turned slowly and boom! There on the big screen was a car with my name on it! This completely took me by surprise. We all role play scenarios, but when it actually happens, there is just no words. I wanted to scream but all that came out was this little screechy squeal. Christian explained how everything is going to work and then Vanessa contacted me late afternoon, which gave me time to take a nap and get my thoughts together, bless her. From start to finish Vanessa was on top of everything and she is so helpful. Really grateful for her. This was my first time winning anything big online, so this experience is something I will never forget. Bless you guys and keep it up BOTB!