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Daily Draws competition winner & results Mariusz Janiszewski - Omega Moonwatch Chronometer (£7,400) + £10,000 10 - 10 Feb Week 6 2024


Highway to Happiness! Lorry Driver Wins An Omega Moonwatch +£10,00

Lorry driver Mariusz Janiszewski from Bristol has bagged an Omega Moonwatch Professional Chronometer plus £10,000!

 “Wahoo!” Mariusz exclaimed. ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

After celebrating his birthday last night, Mariusz had no idea another cause for celebration was right around the corner. 

Congratulations, Mariusz – time to think about how you’ll spend the cash!


According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year of which animal starts on 10th February 2024?




The year of the Dragon officially commenced yesterday. It is the fifth zodiac animal in the 12-year Chinese calendar.


The draw was undertaken by PromoVeritas, the UK's leading independent promotional verification service.
Registration number: 4437132


A further 50 correct answers have been drawn as runners-up, each receiving £100 Dream Car Credit.

  • A Buzdug - Range Rover Sport D300 + £2,000 (GB)
    • A Galletti - Land Rover Defender 90 + £2,000 (IT)
    • A Jones - DJI Matrice Drone 30T + £10,000 (GB)
    • A Minvalla - Tag Heuer Aquaracer Superdiver + £10,000 (GB)
    • A Reid - Cash Prize £15,000 (GB)
    • A Roche - Nikon Z9, Gear + £10,000 (GB)
    • A Topping - Cash Prize £20,000 (GB)
    • C Burns - Cash Prize £20,000 (GB)
    • C Cleetus - Swift Base Camp 4 + £2,000 (GB)
    • C Donnachie - Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea (GB)
    • C Maguire - Rolex GMT-Master II Batgirl (GB)
    • C Swinburne - Mazda MX-5 Homura + £2,000 (GB)
    • D Crawford - Rolex Yacht-Master 40 (GB)
    • G Napier - Volvo XC90 T8 Recharge + £2,000 (GB)
    • G Su - Tiffany & Co: Engagement Ring + £15,000 (GB)
    • G Turner - Tudor Black Bay + £10,000 (GB)
    • H Pegram - Audi Q2 Black Edition 35 TFSI + £2,000 (GB)
    • I Munteanu - Audi A3 Sportback 30TFSi S-Line + £2,000 (GB)
    • I Vasile - Cash Prize £20,000 (GB)


My name is Mariusz and I just won the BOTB lottery! I am very, very happy with the win, especially since I celebrated my birthday the day before, so the gift for me is amazing. I highly recommend the BOTB lottery. It is reliable, safe, and fantastic fun. Of course, you have to rely on luck, but the fun is great and the people are fantastic. How the host Christian Willi and the people working in customer service are very nice and quickly handle matters related to collecting the winnings.