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Midweek Lifestyle competition winner & results Chris Soteriou - New Audi A3 Sportback 30TFSi S-Line (£28,835) + £2,000 04 - 10 Aug 2022 (Week 31)


Audi Replacement for £1!

Chris Soteriou from London was on a business trip when Christian video-called him yesterday with the brilliant news that he'd scooped a brand new Audi A3 S-Line along with £2,000 cash as this week’s Midweek Lifestyle winner!

“That’s fantastic news! It came out at the best of times!” Chris exclaimed. Chris has actually been driving an old A3 and was thinking of getting a new Sportback to replace his current one, so it really was the the perfect upgrade right in time!

Massive congrats Chris!


Which of these is not an event at the 2022 Commonwealth Games?




Football is not in the Commonwealth Games.


A further 50 correct answers have been drawn as runners-up, each receiving £100 Dream Car Credit.

  • F Binti Zainul Abidin (GB) Cash Prize £25,000
  • F Hawkes (GB) Omega Dark Side of the Moon + £10k
  • G Erasmus (GB) Kia Sportage GT-Line + £2k
  • H Boyes (GB) Audi A3 Sportback 30TFSi S-Line + £2k
  • H Medway (GB) Breitling Chronomat B01 42 + £10k
  • I Bhaiyat (GB) Mercedes A250 AMG Line + £2k
  • J Guedes (PL) Cash Prize £25,000
  • J Islami (GB) Platinum: Tech Bundle + £10k
  • J Jeffery (GB) Electric Dreams Bundle
  • J McDowall (GB) Kia Sportage GT-Line + £2k
  • J Pearson (GB) Electric Dreams Bundle
  • J Russell (GB) Cash Prize £17,500
  • K Green-Alexander (GB) Cash Prize £25,000
  • L Harding (GB) Hyundai i30N Performance + £2k
  • L Maric (HR) Audi A3 Sportback 30TFSi S-Line + £2k
  • L Merrill (GB) Electric Dreams Bundle
  • L Samways (GB) Barbados: Luxury Holiday + £15k
  • M Cholli (GI) Mercedes A250 AMG Line + £2k
  • M Collins (GB) BMW 128ti + £2k