Dream car competition winner & results Ned Anderson - Ford Focus RS + £10K Cash Week 34 2015 (17th - 23rd August)



Quantity Surveyor Ned Anderson was having a quiet morning at work when we surprised him with the news that he was the latest Dream Car Competition winner. Better still, his wife Emily and 1-year old triplets were there to enjoy the experience too as we showed him his new car − an amazing Ford Focus RS. The moment was made sweeter still when Ned opened the boot to reveal £10,000 in cash that he'd also won! Ned is a big petrol head and has always wanted a speedy hot hatch…he'll be receiving one of the very first RS models off the production line in just a few months' time − congratulations Ned and the family!


Winning Coordinates

Reward Scheme

Dream Car Credit is awarded for doing well in Dream Car Competitions, depending on how close you are to the winning position.

  • Zone 1

    For each ticket in Zone 1, we will credit your account with 100% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 2

    For each ticket in Zone 2, we will credit your account with 15% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 3

    For each ticket in Zone 3, we will credit your account with 10% of your ticket value after discounts

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The winner is calculated by external auditors Wilkins Kennedy, a top 20 UK accountancy group. View confirmation letter


  • Sol Campbell - Ex-England International Footballer
  • Peter Georgiou - AFA Referee
  • Peter Kosciolek - AFA Referee


The top 20 closest players to the winning coordinates all receive £200 in Dream Car Credit.

  • Stuart Rollo (GB) - Porsche Macan S Diesel (+ £10k Cash)
  • Patrick Vanekan (BE) - Porsche 911 Turbo (+ £10k Cash)
  • Thorsten Bechtoldt (US) - Maserati Ghibli S (+ £10k Cash)
  • Daniel Philpot (GB) - Mini Countryman 2.0d SD
  • Jager Singh (GB) - Tesla Model S 70D
  • Craig Vale (GB) - Caterham 420
  • Waqas Hussain (GB) - Range Rover TDV6 Vogue SE (+ £10k Cash)
  • Stephen Kettlewell (GB) - BMW M5 (+ £10k Cash)
  • Malcolm Oliver (GB) - Jaguar XF 3.0d S Portfolio (+ £10k Cash)
  • Andrew Hughes (AU) - Aston Martin V12 Vantage S (+ £10k Cash)
  • Martyn Hall (GB) - Jaguar XF 3.0d S Portfolio
  • Antonio Almeida (PT) - BMW M4 (+ £10k Cash)
  • Paul Clarke (ES) - Audi RS6 Avant (+ £10k Cash)
  • Waqas Hussain (GB) - Audi RS3 (+ £10k Cash)
  • B M Venkateswarlu (IN) - Audi A6 All-Road 3.0 TDI 245
  • Saif Al Aryani (AE) - Land Rover Twisted Defender T60-90
  • Faizan Tariq (GB) - Mercedes C63 AMG (+ £10k Cash)
  • Ivan Ballesteros (US) - BMW M4 (+ £10k Cash)
  • Alistair Will (GB) - Mercedes GLE350d AMG (+ £10k Cash)
  • Matthew Thornton (GB) - BMW M4 (+ £10k Cash)