Bounty Competitions Review

“is Bounty Competitions legit


Bounty Competitions is a UK-based company that operates a pay-to-enter prize draw website. It was established in 2020 by Calvin and Leanne Davidson in Aberdeen, Scotland.


They offer a range of smaller items, such as tech and Lego, along with larger prizes, such as cars, campervans, and holidays.


Winners are selected using Google's random number generator, and the draws are streamed live on social media.

How does Bounty Competitions work

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how Bounty Competitions works:


Browse Competitions: Players check out active competitions on the website or app.


Purchase Tickets: Users buy tickets ranging from £0.99 to £9.99. They can choose specific numbers or use a random "Lucky Dip" option.


Live Draws: Winners are chosen via a live draw on Bounty Competitions'. Facebook page using a Google random number generator.


Winner Announcement: Winners' names, locations, and pictures are shared on the website and social media, with the prize delivered at a later date.


Are Bounty Competitions legit?

Yes, Bounty Competitions is a legitimate business based in Scotland that runs prize competitions and raffles. In fact, it is registered as a private limited company on the UK government’s Companies House Register.  


Who owns Bounty Competitions?

Calvin and Leanne Davidson own Bounty Competitions Ltd, which was established in 2020 in Aberdeen, Scotland.


When did Bounty Competitions start?

Bounty Competitions was incorporated on 23 April 2020 by Calvin and Leanne Davidson. They invested their £30,000 life savings to launch the online raffle prize business.


Initially based at their home in Bucksburn, the company later moved to new headquarters in Turriff.




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