Win a campervan and motorhome prize

Camper Van Competitions

Imagine driving around the countryside in your very own campervan or motorhome? Or taking it on a ferry to the south of France to explore the beautiful beaches? Well, with BOTB's camper van competitions you could be the next lucky winner of a house on wheels! 

Camper Van Giveaway 2023 FAQs

Below we have a couple of commonly asked questions about our campervan giveaways. Have a read!

Which camper vans and motorhomes can you win with BOTB?

Two BOTB favourites are the VW camper vans. You could win the Volkswagen Grand California 680 motorhome for just £2.75 per ticket and the Volkswagen T6.1 California Ocean camper van for just £2.30 per ticket. Both VW campervans are in the weekly Dream Car competition. As well as VW camper vans, you could also go for an Auto Trail motorhome, a Hymer Grand Canyon Crossover Maxi camper van or a Knaus Boxdrive camper! 

How To Win A Camper Van!

Buy campervan tickets in the BOTB Dream Car competition and play Spot The Ball. If you get the winning position you'll win the camper van you have played for!

What about insurance and servicing?

BOTB also contributes up to £1,500 for the insurance and up to £400 for the servicing of the camper van. And don't forget that if you add £50,000 cash to your prize you'll have plenty for adding all the extras you might fancy for your dream home on wheels!

Knaus Sun Motorhome giveaway prize
Volkswagen California Ocean Camper Van giveaway prize
Ford Transit Custom Nugget Camper Van giveaway prize