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Alpina B3 Touring

Alpina B3 Touring


“What’s an Alpina?” – that’s the question a lot of people ask when presented with one in front of them. Well the short answer is, Alpina creates very special cars based on BMWs – think of them as a more sophisticated, more understated alternative to the BMW M-cars, but still just as brutally fast. This B3 Touring is a prime example of that – the 3.0 litre turbocharged six cylinder engine is tuned to 457bhp (that’s more than the M3 in case you were wondering) but there’s also 700Nm of torque. And the small point that BMW don’t make an M3 estate. There’s an 8spd ZF automatic gearbox and suspension tuned for a slightly comfier ride – but still firm enough to make the B3 a weapon on the twisty bits and it has BMW's xDrive AWD system so you can put all that power and torque down in any weather. There’s a unique Alpina body kit, their trademark ‘turbine’ wheels and even some wonderfully retro side graphics (optional if they're not your sort of thing). You can make your Alpina as classy or as lairy as you want it to be. They are a fantastic alternative to BMW’s sportiest offerings and rare too – we think they’re the hidden gems of the automotive world.


Engine / Cylsi6 Turbo Power457bhp
Displacement3.0ltr Torque700 Nm
Engine PositionFront Top Speed190mph
DrivetrainAWD CO2224 g/km
MPG28.8 mpg Retail Price£65,000
0-62mph4.0secs Cash Alternative£52,000

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