« Back Ford Transit Giant 4x4 by Wellhouse

Retail Price £65,000
Cash Alternative £52,000
0-62mph 15.3secs
Top Speed 100mph
Power 170bhp
Displacement 2.0ltr
Engine Position Front
Drivetrain AWD
MPG 26.6
CO2 250
Engine / Cyls i4 Turbo
Torque 405

It’s fairly clear that like us, a lot of our players love camper vans. The feeling of freedom, the ability to go anywhere at any time and set up camp is certainly an appealing prospect. Except of course with most campers, you can’t go anywhere – you’re limited to well paved roads as they are usually front-wheel-drive and have the ground clearance of a Lamborghini. Oh and they weigh the same as a small house (which, we suppose they are) so traction even on wet grass can be limited. That’s where this Transit Giant 4x4 built by Wellhouse comes in. Based on a high roof L3 Transit with their new AWD system, the Giant looks super rugged on the outside thanks to a chunky bodykit, light bars and proper mud and snow tyres. That AWD system is powered by a 170hp/400Nm diesel engine too, so it’s got enough grunt to get you up serious hills and the boggiest fields. Basically this camper will go wherever you can point it and won’t complain or get you stuck. Inside there’s a great layout, with a drop-down double bed freeing up space during the day, two centre chairs and the front seats swivel to create a dining area and then behind that is the kitchen, with a fridge, microwave, hob and sink. At the rear you have an area that is positively luxurious by normal camper standards – on one side a full size toilet with fold-down sink and on the other – a full size shower. Those are the things that really make camping easier and when combined with the modern design inside, it makes for a great place to stay. This really is an adventure vehicle and we’d love to take it on some adventures!

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