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Retail Price £201,500
Cash Alternative £211,000
0-62mph 2.8secs
Top Speed 201mph
Power 592bhp
Displacement 3.8ltr
Engine Position Mid
Drivetrain RWD
MPG 23.2
CO2 276
Engine / Cyls V8 Twin-Turbo
Torque 620

How do you improve on arguably the best mid-range supercar on sale today – the McLaren 570S? Well to start with, you put it on a serious diet, reducing weight by 100kg to a crazy 1356kg. Then, you tweak the 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 to 592bhp (up 30bhp). Next, you add some aero bits that increase downforce to 100kg at 155mph and then get the handling geniuses to work their magic on the chassis. Oh, and then you stick one of the most evocative names in McLaren history on the back – LT. This stands for Long Tail and was on the back of Le Mans winning F1s and the best McLaren in recent times, the 675LT. All this combines to make the new 600LT one of the best supercars on sale today, with a delicacy and balance only a McLaren can produce, with savage performance and aggressive yet beautiful looks. And the best bit? Look on the rear decklid – yes those are the exhausts. They’re up there because it means the exhaust is far lighter, but the result is that when on full chat, the 600LT shoots foot-long flames up into the ether. Flame on! Oh and this is the Spider as well, so you can drop the folding roof and your ears are literally about a metre from the exhausts - you may want some earplugs. Being a McLaren it uses a carbon fibre tub too, so there's no chassis wobble with the roof down - so go and find your favourite road, open the 600LT Spider up and enjoy! 

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