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Retail Price £39,240
Cash Alternative £31,000
0-62mph 4.9secs
Top Speed 155mph
Power 302bhp
Displacement 2.0ltr
Engine Position Front
Drivetrain AWD
MPG 37.2
CO2 168
Engine / Cyls i4 Turbo
Torque 400

When the CLA45 went out of production, there was a gaping hole left in the Mercedes line-up, but now that gap has been filled – sort of. You see before, the CLA45 always seemed a little out of sorts, the engine was a little too raucous and shouty for a saloon, even one with a coup/estate body. So this time Mercedes apparently won’t launch a new CLA45 SB, but instead, we now have this – the CLA35 AMG Shooting Brake. Sharing the same running gear as the hugely popular A35 AMG it has 302bhp from the 2.0 litre turbocharged inline-4 and an impressive 400Nm of torque. The larger CLA body weighs a little more, so performance is dulled slightly – 0-62mph takes a smidge longer at 4.9 seconds but it’s still a quick car. The looks have certainly matured too, with a sleek nose with the modern Merc style leading to a lovely tapered shooting brake practical rear end. We think this is going to be one very popular car this year!

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