« Back Porsche Taycan 4S

Retail Price £83,580
Cash Alternative £67,000
0-62mph 4.0secs
Top Speed 155mph
Power 523bhp
Drivetrain AWD
MPG n/a
CO2 n/a
Torque 640
Battery 79 kWh
Range 253 miles

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When Porsche introduced the Cayenne Diesel in 2009, die-hard Porsche fans screamed out in horror, then again when the e-Hybrid models were released.

Well, we hope they’re sitting down because the next generation of Porsche is here – and it’s a fully electric vehicle. That’s right, this is Porsche’s first ever full EV and though they don’t admit it, this is Porsche’s answer to the Tesla Model S.

For the time being, this Taycan 4S model is the base offering, but don't think you're getting a basic EV - there are two permanent synchronous motors (smaller and lighter than the more commonly used asynchronous motors, though pricier) which combined with the 79.2kWh battery pack put out an impressive 523bhp (on Overboost, 429bhp normally) and 640Nm.That’s good enough for a 0-62mph sprint in 4.0 seconds and a 155mph top speed.

Unusually for an EV, there’s a 2-speed gearbox as well, which means the lower gear can be used for repeated launches with no problems for the car – the anecdote from the factory tells of a test engineer that gave up after 26 launches not because the car said so, but because he felt ill! The styling is low and sporty, but there’s a practical 4-door body with a front and rear boot, while the driver gets more tech and screens than they’ll know what to do with. The Taycan is a Porsche for the future and we expect to see a lot of them on the roads!


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