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Volkswagen Golf R Estate Performance Pack

Volkswagen Golf R Estate Performance Pack


The do-everything car is the dream of every petrolhead who doesn’t have the luxury (or space) or having multiple vehicles. You need a car that can do your family duties, taking stuff to the recycling depot, transport the wife and kids to ballet classes and also set a blistering lap time around the Nürburgring (or just blast down your favourite country road). Now the current champion of this is the Audi RS6 Avant, but at £80k and with a thirst to shame a V12 supercar they demand deep pockets, plus they’re really very long so not great to park. What’s needed is a similar type of car, but on a smaller budget – step forward the Golf R Estate. VW takes the humdrum Golf Estate body and adds in the full R package – so that’s a 307bhp 2.0 litre turbo, AWD and the only option is the fantastic DSG gearbox. So while you get sub-5 second to 62mph performance you also get near-40mpg economy, making this the most usable all-round performance car on the market today. This R Estate is even more special though, as it has the Performance Pack installed. That means you get lovely 19-inch ‘Spielberg’ alloys (not pictured above) and larger, better brakes behind them. They also remove the speed limiter, meaning this family estate can hit a staggering 168mph. This Golf R Estate really can do it all.


Engine / Cylsi4 Turbo Power307bhp
Displacement2.0ltr Torque380 Nm
Engine PositionFront Top Speed168mph
DrivetrainAWD CO2164 g/km
MPG39.2 mpg Retail Price£39,060
0-62mph4.9secs Cash Alternative£31,000

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