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How do you replace an icon? Well VW has certainly had a good go with the new Golf Mk8 - taking the stylish looks of the Mk7.5 and finessing them, adding a friendlier, more rounded front end to a familiar rear has given the Golf a new personality. But this is the GTi and requires a certain type of styling - it has always been sporty but not too aggressive, enough to show subtly that you have the performance and you can use it, but you're not shouting about it with massive wings and a noisy exhaust.

For 2020 the familiar EA888 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbo engine produces 242bhp and 370Nm, meaning performance is certainly sprightly without being silly. Amazingly there's still a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard or all those old-school petrolheads, but the outstanding 7-speed DSG is available as an option. As for tech - the Mk8 Golf has it all - literally anything you could have imagined on a top-end Mercedes 5yrs ago is now available on a Golf. Bring it on!


When is a Golf not a Golf? When it’s a Transporter van!

It may be an old cliché but when you get behind the wheel of the latest VW T6.1 Transporter you could be easily fooled into thinking you’re sitting in a Golf. The new dash looks very similar being driver-focused, all the switchgear and dials are all the same and it has the same level of quality. So it’s a great looking van with a quality interior – but what do you do if you want it to look even better? Head to ABT of course! This particular T6.1 Transporter is the Kombi, so you get a second set of seats then the van rear meaning you could use this as a family transport if you want – and the kids will probably love it!

Outside ABT add their own parts to the front bumper and spoiler, side skirts and rear bumper with four exhaust pipes, along with a set of 19-inch alloys which makes this look absolutely incredible. This T32 Kombi already has the 199hp diesel engine linked up to the 7-spd DSG gearbox, but an ABT Power tuning kit takes that up to 226hp meaning a jump in performance.

And just in case all that wasn't enough, ABT also re-trim the interior in lovely leather, available in many styles and colours for that extra splash of luxury.

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