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Ever wanted to feel like you're from the future, flying an incredible 4K-shooting drone via VR Goggles, swooping across the landscape making the kind of footage that would have needed a helicopter and hundreds of thousands of pounds of camera gear 10 years ago? Of course, you have! Drones are the latest and greatest tech 'in thing' and we don't do things by halves here at BOTB. You get the best compact drone available and all the kit you need to be shooting awesome footage. So, go find yourself some epic scenery and away you go!

What's included?
Mavic 2 PRO & DJI Goggles RE
Mavic 2 Fly More Kit
SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 128GB x3
Pelican SD Memory Card Case
PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad (55cm)
PGYTECH Mavic 2 Propeller Holders
PGYTECH Mavic 2 Control Stick Protector
Mavic 2 Pro ND Filters Set
DJI Care Refresh (Mavic 2)

RRP: £2,650
Cash Alternative: £2,100


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