Dream car competition winner & results Spencer Hill - Jaguar F-Type V6S Week 6 2016 (2nd - 8th February)



Every time Spencer enters the competition he plays for a different model − he just loves nice cars! Prompted by last week's 'Designed from the Bottom Up' sale, it was the Jaguar F-Type V6S that filled his basket on this occasion − a great choice! That said, Spencer had promised his girlfriend that he'd stopped playing, so he may still get a clip round the ear this evening… it'll be worth it though!


Winning Coordinates

Reward Scheme

Dream Car Credit is awarded for doing well in Dream Car Competitions, depending on how close you are to the winning position.

  • Zone 1

    For each ticket in Zone 1, we will credit your account with 100% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 2

    For each ticket in Zone 2, we will credit your account with 15% of your ticket value after discounts

  • Zone 3

    For each ticket in Zone 3, we will credit your account with 10% of your ticket value after discounts

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  • Sol Campbell - Ex-England International Footballer
  • Gordon Kirby - AFA Referee
  • Peter Kosciolek - AFA Referee


The top 20 closest players to the winning coordinates all receive £200 in Dream Car Credit.

  • Parveen Akhtar (GB) - Nissan GT-R (+ £10k Cash)
  • Paul Garner (GB) - Jaguar E-Type (Classic 1960s)
  • Michael Ormston (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage (+ £10k Cash)
  • Matt Spellman (GB) - Jaguar F-Type V6S (+ £10k Cash)
  • Palvinder Kaur Zandu (GB) - Nissan GT-R (+ £10k Cash)
  • Satwant Devgan (GB) - Nissan GT-R (+ £10k Cash)
  • Jorick Vos (NL) - Jaguar F-Type V6S
  • Usman Ayub (GB) - Alfa Romeo 4C
  • Guntars Stikovs (IE) - Alfa Romeo 4C (+ £10k Cash)
  • P Duffield (GB) - Cash Prize £25,000 (+ £10k Cash)
  • Paul Van Geyt (BE) - Tesla Model S 85kWh (+ £10k Cash)
  • Chris Phillips (GB) - Aston Martin Vantage Roadster (+ £10k Cash)
  • Paul Carpenter (BH) - Audi R8 V8 Coupe (+ £10k Cash)
  • Kevin Williams (US) - Cobra AC (Classic 1960s) (+ £10k Cash)
  • Mark Jones (GB) - Audi R8 V8 Coupe (+ £10k Cash)
  • Martin Petronis (GB) - Porsche Boxster GTS (+ £10k Cash)
  • Jamie Fraser (AU) - Audi R8 V8 Coupe
  • Steven Brown (GB) - Nissan GT-R (+ £10k Cash)
  • Russell Cuthbert (GB) - Jaguar XE-S (+ £10k Cash)
  • Niels Norgaard (ES) - Alfa Romeo 4C