Audi reveals the Sport Quattro Concept {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

5 Mar 2014

At the 2011 Paris Motor Show, Audi showed an exciting concept called the Quattro Concept. It was a definite recreation of the old Quattro and even featured a nice turbocharged 5-cylinder turbo engine for true authenticity. But after many promises of a limited run, it faded into the background – until now. At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show next week, Audi will pull the wraps of this, the Sport Quattro Concept. With updated styling, new power and a whiff of production readiness about it, this could be very exciting indeed.

Aside from the noticeable change from white to yellow, there have been lots of changes to the styling of the Sport Quattro, and in fact only the roof panel is the same. There are new LED headlights, a more defined front bumper with air intakes and a carbon splitter, the bonnet has lost the intake and there is an extra crease line of the wheelarches. The whole design has seemingly been made more production viable, including the rear end and all the little details.

Whereas the old concept had the 2.5 litre turbo 5cyl engine from the TT-RS, this new Sport Quattro has a whole level up of power. There is the twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 from the RS6, producing 552 bhp and 516 lb/ft, driven through an 8spd automatic gearbox to all four wheels. But being 2013, this is of course a hybrid – so there’s another 148 bhp/295 lb/ft electric motor between the engine and gearbox, making a rather impressive total of 690 bhp.

All that tech pays a price though, as the Sport Quattro weighs 1850 kg, which is 550 kg more than the older concept, so despite the extra power, performance is nearly identical with 0 – 62 mph taking 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph.

The Sport Quattro is of course just a concept, but don’t be surprised if Audi turn this into a reality at some point soon…