BMW officially reveals the M3 & M4 {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

25 Apr 2014

After a couple of leaks, BMW has revealed the new M3 and M4 models ahead of their public reveal in Detroit next month. Headline news is it’s lighter, more powerful and heralds a return to 6-cylinder power for the M3.

For the first time ever, the saloon and coupe versions of the mid-sized M-car have been given different monikers in line with the standard car range. The 4 door saloon is now the M3, while the 2 door coupe gets the new M4 name. Expect lots of ///M purists to spit their dummies out over that one…

But naming aside, the new M3 & M4 are quite a bit different from the models they replace, most importantly the fact that they have succumbed to the downsizing trend. Out goes the 4.0 litre V8 and in comes a twin turbo 3.0 litre straight six with 425 bhp and 405 lb/ft of torque. That’s an increase of 11 bhp and 101 lb/ft – the latter thanks to the turbocharged nature of the new engine which is related to the lump in the 335i but receives its own designation, such are the number of changes.

The next big change is that the new models are around 80 kg lighter than the previous M3 – the new M3 weighs 1520 kg while the M4 tips the scales at 1497 kg. This weight reduction combined with the new power output, performance is increased significantly, with 0 – 62 mph taking 4.3 seconds and a 174 mph top speed for both models.

Another big bonus for purists is that a six-speed manual gearbox is standard, with the seven speed dual clutch DCT an option. The downsized engine tech means that economy gets a good boost too, with a combined figure of 32 mpg, far better than the V8 M3 could ever manage.

The interior takes the standard 3- and 4-Series interior and adds the usual flourish of M badges and adds sports seats with light-up logos.

Externally the M3 and M4 get the full M workover, with wider tracks front and rear which are accommodated by swollen front and rear arches. Up front there’s an aggressive front spoiler with large intakes, the grille gains an M3/4 badge for the first time and the bonnet gets a power bulge. The roof panel is carbon fibre on both models, and at the back there are the now-standard quad exhausts sitting within a diffuser. The M3 gets a lip spoiler, while the M4 gets a bespoke bootlid incorporating a ducktail spoiler.

For us, the M3 is the more successful looking car, with aggression teamed with practicality making it a winner. That doesn’t mean we dislike the M4, far from it – it’s just that for once the saloon takes it for us.

The M3 & M4 go on sale in May 2014 costing £56,175 and £56,635 respectively. Sadly, there are no plans for an M3 Touring.