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1 May 2016

When BMW revealed the 2-Series a couple of years ago, all memories of the ugly duckling 1-Series Coupe were banished, but those with a nod towards the more fun end of car driving still held a soft spot for the BMW 1M (it couldn’t be called the M1 thanks to the 1980s supercar of the same name) and for them the M235i just didn’t quite cut the mustard. So a great deal of joy a fervent gesticulation occurred when BMW revealed the M2 last year – same svelte 2-Series shape, but with a massive injection of steroids from the M/// division.

The looks have gone from cool to GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY thanks to massively pumped up wheelarches, a front bumper with huge aggressive intakes and the typical M/// quad central exhaust pipes at the back sitting in a diffuser. Some were a little disappointed when the engine wasn’t more special though, basically using a tuned version of the M235i motor, but in this instance putting out 365bhp, which is good enough for 0-62mph in 4.5sec and the usual limited 155mph top speed (which is apparently around 175mph if you let it loose from the electronic shackles). At a price tag of £44,000 it looked like it could be the bargain of the moment. But could it actually be a better bet than the  big brother M4?

Sure the M4 has got more power at 425bhp, but it also weighs a lot more and is only 0.2 seconds quicker to 62mph and is £13,000 more expensive, with more or less the same engine. The rear seats and boot are a bit bigger, but you’re never going to get extended use out of either, so is the M2 actualy the pick of the bunch? The smaller body with the new wider track means it sticks to the road incredibly well, along with a more viscous note to the exhaust that makes it a more fun companion than its bigger brother.

The top magazines seem to think it’s a cracker – Autocar said the following:

“There’s a very real chance – as we hoped there would be – that the cheapest M-car might also be the best.” 

And Evo were similarly enthused:

“For a while things weren’t looking great for BMW’s M division. The M3 and the M4 haven’t exactly lived up to the expectations that previous M3s had set. Then you’ve got the fact that cars like the X5M and X6M even exist, both of which had us wondering if BMW’s M division had lost its way. But now it seems, for the moment at least, that the M division is back on form. The new M4 GTS has resolutely impressed, the competition pack for the M3 and M4 has righted some of the wrongs of the standard car and the M2 is a fun and deeply enjoyable package.”

Our friends over at CarThrottle got themselves in quite a mess over it too:

So would we plump for the M2 or the M4 given the choice? Well, given that tickets for the M2 are just £2.75 this week – it has to be the M2!