BOTB Asks: Little or Large? {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

18 Jan 2017

It’s our popular Little Vs Large promotion here at BOTB this week, with small and big models from eight different manufacturers on offer. So it got me thinking – which manufacturer has the biggest size range of cars in its lineup?  Well to start with we’re only talking about passenger vehicles, not commercial given that some companies make small cars and huge trucks, or in the case of Hyundai they do tiny city cars and massive supertankers. So it’s just passenger cars – who will it be?

Also, to make the metric easier to judge, size is going to be purely based on the length of the vehicle.

3rd Place – Mercedes


When I started looking at this, in my head I thought Mercedes would be the clear winner. Without looking at the numbers, the A-Class seems like a fairly small car and the new S-Class Maybach is absolutely huge. But when you crunch the numbers the A-Class is actually bigger than it looks – 4292mm and the Maybach comes in at 5493mm. It is a massive car, some 20cm longer than a LWB Audi A8 but in the end they just don’t do a small enough car yet.

Length Difference: 1161mm

2nd Place – Audi


The key to doing well here is trying to be in as many sectors as possible and Audi steals a march on Mercedes with their diminutive A1 – a small city at just 3973mm long. Thankfully Audi also do a LWB A8 which rocks up at 5265mm long – shorter than the Maybach but still enough with the little A1 making up the numbers.  But even with that spread they aren’t our number one…

Length Difference: 1292mm


1st Place – Chevrolet



When you think of massive cars you automatically think of the U.S. and sure enough Chevrolet don’t disappoint. Their Chevrolet Suburban is a favourite of government agencies thanks to the huge amount of space they offer at a relatively cheap price, thanks to the frankly absurd length of 5689mm – that’s over 20cm longer than a Maybach at about a quarter of the price. But what surprises is that Chevrolet are trying to get people into city cars in the U.S. as well, meaning they also sell the little Spark which measures in at just 3634mm. So they have the shortest and longest vehicles in this list, meaning it’s no big surprise that Chevrolet is the winner!

Length Difference: 2055mm