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18 Jan 2017

This year there seems to have been a glut of photos on Twitter/Instagram of owners using their wildly impractical cars to collect their large Xmas trees. So I’m going to show you the best of them!

Porsche 911 GT3 RS


Source: Boosted Boris on Instagram

There’s a certain coolness to someone taking a track special Porsche, worth more than double the list price and slapping a dirty great tree on the top and driving it through a city. In fact this is definitely my favourite!

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Audi R8 V10 Plus


Source: @SeenThruGlass on Twitter

Who needs practicality like a boot, when you’ve got a nice sloping roofline and a spoiler to stop the tree sliding off? Plus it has AWD, so it’s virtually as practical as an SUV isn’t it?

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F-Type V6 S


Source: @trent_dan on Twitter

Pistonheads’ Dan Trent decided to go with the interior option as his F-Type has a boot. Not big enough for the tree though, and he’s since asked how to get stubborn sap off interior trim parts so maybe this wasn’t the best idea. One bonus would’ve been the uninterrupted sound of the screaming V6 though!

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Source: @GFWilliams on Twitter

It’s generally accepted that Caterhams are the least practical cars around, but photographer GF Williams decided to not listen and took his stunning Mexico Blue Caterham to get his tree anyway. But hey, who needs visibility, and I think the tree technically counts as a roof so it actually makes it more practical. Win-win.

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Ferrari 250 Breadvan


Source: Unknown

Got yourself a one-off racing classic Ferrari based on a 250 GTO, worth somewhere in the region of £20,000,000? Why not use it to go and fetch the Xmas tree? This is one of my favourite images ever, the sheer ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude and awesomeness of taking such a valuable car and shoving a tree in the back!

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Nissan Skyline


Source: Unknown

I’ve often wondered what these huge carbon wings are for on some of the Japanese rice-rockets you see driving around. Well now we know!

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