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18 Jan 2017

So many new cars have been released recently that it seemed fitting to stick them all together in one post, so let’s get started with a real beauty…

Ferrari J50


Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb now – this (to my eyes at least) is the best looking Ferrari since the F355. And Ferrari needs to make the 488 replacement look like this. This is the J50, a limited run of 10 cars sadly just for the Japanese market to celebrate 50yrs of Ferrari selling cars there. It’s based on the 488 Spider, but has an engine boost to 683bhp and loses the complex folding roof in lieu of carbon targa panels that lift out manually. But the main talking point are the simply stunning looks – it really is an incredible looking car and I really hope Ferrari takes the positive feedback from it and ups its styling game from now on.

Merc E-Class Coupe


With the launch of the new E-Class Coupe, Mercedes has completed their Coupe Indentikit range. Take a look at the image in the Gallery to see what I mean! It’s a familiar look yet is certainly a good looking car. But this new E-Coupe can’t come soon enough as the old model has been in production for 7yrs. The new model is based on the new E-Class and gets all the associated tech from the saloon, along with the engine selection. The highlight will be the E50 4Matic coming later in 2017 with Mercedes’ new straight-six cylinder turbo engine putting out 450bhp.

Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglio


What do you get when an Alfa Romeo Giulia and a Maserati Levante are locked in a cupboard and told to ‘get busy’? This, the Stelvio – Alfa Romeo’s first ever SUV and something that is sure to make Alfisti worldwide spit out their espressos. Basically a high-riding Giulia, the Stelvio was launched in full-on Quadrifoglio spec, with the incredible 503bhp twin turbo V6 seen in the Giulia, but expect a diesel model to be launched here first using Alfa’s 2.2 litre 4cyl lump with 180bhp.

Aston Martin Vanquish S


The Vanquish is still one of the most beautiful cars on sale today, but with the old V12 engine and ‘just’ 560bhp it was seriously overshadowed by the brand new DB11 with its 600bhp and new Mercedes based tech. But some people still love the naturally aspirated V12 and the DB11 just isn’t anywhere near as pretty as the flagship model so Aston has given us the Vanquish S. With 595bhp it’s a smidge less powerful than the DB11, but also happens to weigh less so performance is brisker. 0-62mph takes just 3.5 seconds and there’s a 200mph+ top speed, plus there’s no sound quite like a big capacity naturally aspirated V12.

Jaguar i-Pace


Though it may not be the most exiting car in this list, the new Jaguar i-Pace is certainly one of the most important. It’s the first EV in Jaguar Land Rover’s history and marks JLR’s intentions to go straight after Tesla and BMW’s i-brand. It’s only shown here in concept form but expect the production car due in 18 months to look almost identical. The i-Pace uses a completely bespoke drivetrain and body structure to give a four door SUV style along with traditional Jaguar performance, capability and handling on a par with the F-Type, all with zero emissions from the pure EV drivetrain. The new Tesla Model X and BMW’s upcoming i5 SUV will have a fight on their hands, especially because the i-Pace looks so good.

Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 Spyder


Not really a massive surprise, this one, just as LP580-2 coupe followed LP610-4 Coupe, so the new LP580-2 Spyder follows the coupe. As with other Lamborghini nomenclature, the 580 refers to the power, while the -2 means that it’s just rear wheel drive. The LP580-2 Coupe is a far more playful car than the all-wheel drive brother, so we can expect the Spyder to be just the same, only it’ll have more aural access to that stunning V10 screaming through the exhausts.

Check out more pictures of all the cars listed in our mega gallery: