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17 Jan 2017

The rise in popularity of 4x4 vehicles in the last 10 years has been incredible, with sales going through the roof. We’re celebrating this with our epic 4x4xHalf sale this week, with lots of our 4x4’s at half price, but whereas these are mainly SUVs, we all love a proper hardcore off road vehicle. So we’ve chosen our top three ultimate off roaders to see what you can do when you really push the envelope…

3 – Twisted Land Rover Defender V8


The Land Rover Defender is one of the most iconic cars on sale today. With a look that dates back to the 1940s it has gone from being a farmer’s workhorse to somewhat of a style icon with tuning companies galore adding bigger off road wheels, bodykits and more luxurious interiors. Undoubtedly the kings of the reimagined Defenders are Twisted and none more so than their bonkers 100 V8. The subtle exterior modifications like nicer wheels, upgraded lights and grille and slightly more bulbous bonnet hide the real work to the world – under the bonnet sits a 6.2 litre Chevrolet LS-Series V8 producing 520bhp which means it can hit 60mph in just 6.0 seconds. It handles better than any Defender should as well thanks to bespoke dampers and anti-roll bars, while still retaining all the off road ability these 4x4s are famous for. After all that, the £150,000 asking price seems reasonable…

2 – Toyota Hilux by Artic Trucks

Artic Hilux

Fans of Top Gear will recognise this Toyota Hilux as it was one of these that took Clarkson and May to the magnetic North Pole in their Polar Special. What you start with is a Hilux, known as one of the most indestructible vehicles on sale, then give it to Artctic Trucks in Iceland. They fit a huge lift kit, enormous 44-inch x 18.5-inch tyres, massive wheelarch extensions and a huge amount of safety and expedition equipment like crevasse bars, winches and long range fuel tanks. What you’re left with is a 4x4 that can tackle absolutely any terrain the arctic tundra can throw at it. Much like the Twisted Defender, you won’t get a whole lot of change from £150k, but ask yourself this – what else would take you to the North Pole?

1 – Brabus 6x6 B63S 700

Brabus 6x6

Even the Arctic Hilux would be dwarfed by our top choice, and that’s saying something. Mercedes launched their crazy G63 6x6 and everyone with a hint of petrol in their veins got more than a tiny bit excited. A huge off-roader with twin rear axles, jacked up suspension and a 536bhp V8, it looked amazingly butch and cost a ridiculous £300,000. But as with any crazy AMG Mercedes, there are some people out there who want more crazy and the good people at Brabus are always happy to help out and the 6x6 was no exception. So, bigger turbochargers, a new ECU, gold wrapped intakes and a freer flowing exhaust were fitted, the result being a truly hilarious 690bhp and 728lb/ft of torque and 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds – that’s quicker than a Bentley Continental V8. In a 3775kg truck. It’s also got self-inflating tyres and carbon body trim, and does 11mpg. Oh, and it costs £470,000. But that’s why it’s our ultimate off-roader!

Brabus 6x6 2