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2 Oct 2017

This week we’re celebrating a somewhat recent phenomenon – the Modern Classic. So we’re not talking 1960’s cars, but those from the 1990’s that have become iconic enough to warrant that coveted ‘classic’ status. The four cars were chosen by Nick Larkin, Editor-at-large of Classic Car Weekly, so it’s safe to say he knows his stuff. And I’ve really got to agree with him, all four are fantastic cars. Here are my thoughts on our four Modern Classics…

Let’s start off with a couple of German ‘bahnstormers as to be honest, I’d kill to own either of these. These two coupes were rivals in the mid-90’s and if you had the money it must have been a glorious decision to be faced with. Both 2+2 seating, front engine, RWD coupes with uber-cool pop-up headlights from German manufacturers, but very different in execution. The 928 has a V8 up front for a start, while the 850CSi has a V12 closely related to the one in the McLaren F1. The BMW has more power but is heavier, so performance is almost identical, so which do you choose? I absolutely love the 928, such an iconic shape but if had to have one it would be the purer late 70’s model, so I’d go for the 850CSi and its turbine alloys, V12 soundtrack and super low looks.

The first of these two is an icon and holder of the esteemed title of ‘Most Ridiculous Rear Wing on a Hatchback Ever’. The Escort RS Cosworth was the daddy of the super hatch genre and without it we wouldn’t have today’s 400hp Audi RS3. But for me it’s all about that wing – completely out of proportion, absurd looking and utterly brilliant. Thankfully the Escort Cossie could back up that wing with some serious performance with AWD and lots of power that helped it dominate rallying for many years. The final car in this selection takes a far more delicate approach to its engineering than Ford’s massive rear wing. The Lotus Elise is the car that restarted Lotus’s failing heart, the automotive version of a defibrillator if you will. It came out and shocked the world with gorgeous styling, a low 650kg weight and a little 118bhp engine that gave ample performance. But the key to the Elise was the sweet handling, so delicate and adjustable, it was an instant hit. The S1 Elise has to be a future high value classic, so get one while you can.

Of course, given the state of the classic market you can pretty much guarantee all of these cars will go up in value – in fact just a few years ago you could get these four for half of their current values. But no matter what happens this has got to be the cheapest way into one – buying tickets for the BOTB competition! So head over and buy your tickets here – and good luck!