In the Headlights - One and Two-Seaters {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

31 Jul 2017

There are few things more exciting to a petrolhead than getting behind the wheel of a 2-seater sports car and hitting your favourite stretch of twisty back road. Well, apart from maybe a one-seater. That’s what this week’s In the Headlights promotion is all about – the thrill of driving a car with just your own thoughts and maybe a like-minded passenger (if they’re lucky). So we’ve teamed up with Leon Poultney from FlatOut Magazine who’s chosen four exciting one or two-seaters which are in the competition for one week only. His picks come in the form of two track/fast road specials and a couple of pure bred sports/super cars. 

First up is the incredible BAC Mono – a car that is just about as focused as you can get on the road, mainly because there’s just you and the car (hence the name). The simple fact that this thing is road legal completely baffles and astounds us. A relatively paltry 305hp may not seem like enough power to provide hypercar-levels of performance but the BAC Mono has an ace up its sleeve. Weight or, more precisely, a lack of it. Made predominantly from carbon fibre, the Mono weighs just 580kg, giving it a prodigious amount of grip and a power-to-weight ratio that embarrasses machines from big-name manufacturers. Need proof? Well, it’s faster than a McLaren P1 around a track and was also fastest up the hill at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is a real racecar for the road, a work of art with a depth of engineering and detail that you won’t find on anything this side of a Pagani. You can win a Mono here.

In the same field is the intriguing Vuhl 05. Mexico is famous for a lot of things: tequila, tacos, Carlos Santana… but car manufacturing isn’t one of them. The Vuhl 05 is changing that though. A lightweight, road-legal track car, the Vuhl has the dynamic abilities to go supercar baiting but, unlike BAC’s Mono, it’s capable of carrying a passenger as well. Its designers have also factored in the point that owners will probably want to use their cars on real roads, so it used the broken surfaces of its Mexico City birthplace as a benchmark for suspension and chassis set-up. It might not look it, but this track day warrior is also a surprisingly comfortable and easy-to-live with machine, as long as it doesn't rain and you're happy to wear a crash helmet on the daily commute. Get your tickets here.

Bored of Porsche 911s? Well up next we have the Jaguar F-Type Sport 400 Convertible – the British manufacturer’s alternative which packs a punch…and then some. Fitted with an exclusive version of Jag’s supercharged 3.0-litre V6, the F Type 400 Sport generates, as the name suggests, 400hp, enough to get you from 0-60mph in under five seconds. And let’s not forget the ever-present screaming exhaust note that you’ll never tire of. It’s a looker too, thanks to some bespoke ‘Sport Design Pack’ touches and proof that Jaguar has long shed its slightly stuffy image in favour of something truly seductive. This is a Big Cat designed to go out on the prowl. Fancy the Jag? Pick one up here

Last but by no means least…one of the most exciting cars available today, a bonafide supercar – the Audi R8 V10 Spyder. In a world of turbocharged supercars, it’s refreshing that the Audi R8 continues to thrill with its high-revving, naturally aspirated V10, and there’s only one way to truly experience the aural delights of this incredible powerplant: top down in Spyder form. Exposed to the elements, you can really hear the engine’s banshee shriek ring out (preferably across your favourite mountain pass) with the R8’s 5.2 litre V10 engine producing 532bhp. In the cockpit it features Audi's impressive suite of in-car technology, including microphones built-in to the seatbelts for clear hands-free phone calls, even with the top down. It's almost like Audi has thought of everything here and this truly is a jaw-dropping supercar that you could drive to work everyday. Tickets are available for the R8 here

All four of these incredible cars have been added to the Dream Car line-up – but hurry as they’re available for this week only!