In the Headlights – TGE TV {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

20 Nov 2017

Ah, the wonderful time-vampire that is YouTube. You pop on to look at a car video and 7hrs later you realise you’ve been watching videos of Russian dash-cam crash footage for 5 of them. But within that sea of content there are a new breed of YouTube car channels and as you may have noticed we here at BOTB like to work with them – the likes of Paul Wallace at Supercars of London, Archie Hamilton and Shmee150. But the latest YouTuber with amazing cars that has come to our attention (and the rest of the world if you look at his meteoric rise) is none other than Tom Exton of TGE TV. We’ve worked with Tom to choose four prizes that are in his collection – three cars and a watch. He’s a lucky guy, but works very hard for his toys!

Let’s start off with the least powerful car – the URBAN Defender – which takes the iconic 4x4 and turns it from an agricultural farm vehicle into a luxurious, stylish off-roader that looks just as much at home on the King’s Road as it does in a muddy field. There are visual enhancements on the outside to make it look more rugged, better lighting, bigger tyres and a little more power under the bonnet. The interior gets a workover too with more luxurious leather all over and a better infotainment system. It’s still no Range Rover, but it certainly makes it liveable with. One car I’d love to live with and one that Tom currently has on order is the Porsche 911 Carrera T – basically it’s Porsche making a pure driver’s car at the lower end of the range rather than the range-topping GT3. So it’s based on the Carrera and shares its engine, but there are shorter ratios for the manual gearbox for improved acceleration, it’s 20kg lighter and there’s a fair bit of extra spec included. If I were a betting man I’d say the T will be the best all-round mix of driving pleasure, performance, comfort and practicality in the 911 range. The final prize isn’t actually a car at all, but something else close to Tom’s heart – a watch. Now I’ll freely admit I know very little about high-end watches, in fact I struggled with the concept of having a £300 Apple Watch on my wrist let alone a £20,000 Rolex. But this is just that – a Daytona Cosmograph which is motorsport inspired and was worn by racing driver/actor Paul Newman. There endeth my knowledge, but I know a bit more about the last car…

Tom has had a few supercars like the Ferrari F12 and McLaren 720S, but now he’s upgraded to the silliest and most outlandish supercar on sale today – the Lamborghini Aventador S. Is it the fastest? Nope. Is it the best handling? Nope. Has it got the best gearbox? Nope. So why get one? Well the main reason has to be that big old lump of metal sitting behind the driver – a gargantuan 6.5 litre, naturally aspirated V12 that produces an utterly silly 730bhp and a noise that will make children cry and give old people 20 miles away a heart attack when it cold starts. The other big reason for getting an Aventador S is the way it looks – literally nothing else on the road has as much presence thanks to a combination of size (it’s really quite big), outlandish styling and the fact that most you see are in incredibly bright colours like yellow, green or orange. Sadly for me Tom’s Aventador S is more subtle, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is still a 217mph car and can hit 62mph in under 3 seconds. And did I mention the noise? If you had to make me choose between this or the F12 I think my head would explode, but it just proves there’s nothing like a V12 and the old adage – there’s no replacement for displacement!

So there you go – those are the cars (and watch) of TGE TV, available for one week only in our competition, so get your tickets now!