In the Spotlight – BMW M4 CS {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

10 Apr 2018

Recently the BMW M4 range has expanded quite a lot from the original model. There were some high end special editions in the GTS and DTM which had fancy engine mods, lots of special carbon parts and cost well over £120,000 and then there’s the Competition Pack which adds retuned suspension and a smidge more power to the standard car for about £3000 more. So plenty of options but almost a £60,000 gap between them.

Now step forward the M4 CS – aiming to take the best bits from the Competition Pack (I’m going to call it CP from now on) and the GTS it sits in between them in price – a rather expensive sounding £90,000 – but it gets more power and some lighter parts to bridge the gap and make one of the best all-round M4s possible with the usability of the CP and the hardcore nature of the GTS.

The CS work starts on the outside, where the already bulging and aggressive M4 bodywork gets a few new carbon fibre additions in the form of a jutting front splitter and bootlid lip spoiler. Those two parts alone increase the downforce by 25% so stability at speed certainly shouldn’t be an issue. The bonnet is made from carbon reinforced plastic and is 25% lighter than the standard one. There’s a new set of forged alloy wheels too in an absolutely gorgeous design, while the CS gets three unique colour options – San Marino Blue (one of my favourite paint colours of all time), Lime Rock Grey and Frozen (satin) dark blue. San Marino is free and the others £2600 though, so I think we’ll see a lot of SM Blue versions…

Overall the small additions to the exterior somehow all work together to make the M4 look even more aggressive, the stance on the road is pure athleticism and it looks like it’ll eat you alive. The interior gets a few new items like the lightweight seats from the GTS and its lighter ‘naked’ door cards which are made from compressed natural fibres and when you combine these with all the carbon bits and wheels the M4 CS is 32kg lighter than the CP model with the DCT gearbox. That DCT dual clutch gearbox is the only option in the CS and it suits the character of the car very well, being aimed towards the enthusiast more. The CS also gets the GTS’s lighter exhaust so it sounds even better.

However, under the skin is where the CS finds the most important of the changes. The engine gets an ECU tweak and now puts out a lively 454bhp and 443lb/ft of torque which, with the lower weight means the 0-62mph time drops to 3.9 seconds and there’s a 174mph top speed as standard (which is still limited). The CS runs the same suspension components as the Competition Pack, but as it now features Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres as standard (an incredibly grippy tyre) the setup has been tweaked specifically to get the best out of that tyre. The M Adaptive Dampers and the electronic power steering have been tweaked to suit the tyre’s characteristics and the tyres were chosen to improve the car’s steering precision, increase grip and get more from the Active M Differential.

What you end up with is an M4 that is faster, more involving, more fun and sounds better than the standard car while still retaining most of the practicality and usability. It may be expensive, but there aren’t many cars out there that can do everything the M4 CS can do, at any price.

Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s the rather good Dan Prosser from Autocar giving his verdict:

If you want to buy tickets for the M4 CS you can do so for this week only, so head here to get some now.