Jaguar F-Type SVR revealed. Powertrain and new look. {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

1 Feb 2016

We’ve been very lucky here at BOTB to have spent a fair amount of time driving the Jaguar F-Type R with its 542bhp engine and we can safely say that at not one single point did anyone think “Hmmm, this feels a little underpowered”. But thankfully Jaguar Land Rover has a division called Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) which appears to be staffed by people a little bit more unhinged than the rest of us. Their first creation was the super-limited Project7, and then they stuck the 542bhp engine in the Range Rover Sport to create the Sport SVR.

Well now they’ve turned their attention to the already-bonkers F-Type R and have given us the F-Type SVR Coupe and Convertible – the most focused and aggressive Jaguars yet. There are two key areas where they have made changes – powertrain and looks.

The SVR uses the same 5.0 litre supercharged V8 as the R, but the power has been increased to 567bhp and torque is now 516 lb/ft. This power goes through the same 8-speed Quickshift automatic gearbox as the R, to all four wheels. Weight is down about 25kg to 1705kg for the coupe and 1720kg for the convertible, which means the 0-62mph sprint takes just 3.5 seconds for both while top speed is 200mph and 195mph respectively. The SVR has custom calibrations for the gearbox, AWD system, torque vectoring, adaptive damping and stability control systems and there’s a new titanium exhaust system.

Visually there will certainly be no mistaking the SVR – at the front there is a new front bumper with two huge intakes at the sides with venture blades to direct airflow. At the bottom there are a couple of splitter blades to aid airflow too. The bonnet gets new vents, while behind the front wheels there are deep wing vents to help dissipate heat build-up in the engine bay. There are two new designs of 20-inch alloy wheels – one standard set of twin-five spoke wheels and another set of spindly lightweight 10-spoke wheels that go with the carbon ceramic brakes option. At the rear there is a new larger diffuser housing the quad exhausts that will no doubt make a truly ridiculous amount of noise, while atop the rear deck now sits a fixed spoiler. The spoiler is optional, but the Coupe’s 200mph top speed is reduced to 186mph if you specify the standard rising rear wing instead of the fixed unit. Inside there are new seats with quilting for that extra bit of luxury.

With the interior and lack of weight-saving measures the SVR is clearly not a GT3 rival as we all thought it would be, instead it’s a more focused and faster sports car but still a great GT. We can’t wait to get behind the wheel – making our favourite sports car even better is certainly a tantalising prospect!

The F-Type SVR is available to order now and costs £110,0000 for the coupe and £115,485 for the convertible.