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8 Dec 2014

Jaguar has revealed a new, limited edition supercar roadster from its new Special Operations division ahead of the public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend.

Last year they showed the Project 7 concept, a chopped roof version of the F-Type which was really well received but nobody expected to put into production. Well with the launch of Jaguar SO, the Project 7 has been made reality. Compared to the concept there may only appear to have been a few changes, yet every part of the car is changed to make it road-legal, but what we get is still a pretty wild roadster.

Up front there is the familiar F-Type grille, but it is flanked by huge air intakes and has a carbon fibre splitter below. This, combined with the carbon side skirts, large carbon fixed rear wing a larger carbon diffuser mean the car is now aerodynamically stable at high speeds. There’s a large aero fairing behind the driver’s head that incorporates a rollover bar and no roof. This saves 80 kg over the normal roadster, while there is also a chopped down windscreen to help with the roadster look. The Project 7 runs on the F-Type R’s 20” alloy wheels with carbon ceramic brakes. Inside it’s typical F-Type, but with new carbon fibre-backed quilted leather seats and more alcantara.

Power is provided by Jaguar’s incredible 5.0 litre supercharged V8 in its most potent guise yet, with 567 bhp and 502 lb/ft of torque. With the lower weight, the Project 7 sprints to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds on the way to the limited 186 mph top speed.

There will be just 250 Project 7’s made and they will cost £135,000 each.