Lotus unveils the limited edition Exige LF1 {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

10 Nov 2014

Lotus has revealed their latest limited edition model today at the Motor Expo 2014 in London, based on the Exige S, called the Exige LF1. This new model is being built to celebrate Lotus’ 81 Formula 1 Grand Prix wins to date and presumably, to try and take a little focus away from the current F1 performance, not helped by Maldonado’s apparent inability to not destroy their lovely F1 car which shares a similar paint scheme to this new Exige.

The Exige LF1 is mechanically the same as the Exige S, but this is certainly no bad thing as it means the same supercharged 3.5 litre V6 with 345 bhp and 295 lb/ft of torque linked to a slick manual gearbox that we loved so much when we tested it. Combined with the 1176 kg weight this means the LF1 manages the 0 – 62 mph dash in just 4.0 seconds on the way to a 170 mph top speed.

So no mechanical changes, but the LF1 is all about looks, history and kit – and it succeeds massively on all three fronts. Tech-wise theLF1 gets Lotus’ Race Pack as standard, which brings launch control, a switchable sports exhaust, tweaked suspension and their four mode traction and stability system. There is also the addition of Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo tyres, two-piece floating brake discs and air conditioning as standard which all adds up to some pretty nice kit.

Visually the LF1 is just plain stunning. Already a gorgeous car, the LF1 gets a historic F1 inspired livery with black paint, red and gold trim and matte gold wheels, along with red brake calipers a few nice touches to the interior like gold trim and a carbon fibre numbered build plate. LF1 buyers also get tours of the Lotus Cars and Lotus F1 factories, a 1:2 scale replica of Grosjean’s (F1) helmet and a Lotus F1 branded USB stick.

Hopefully all those extras will go some way to helping soften the blow of the £8290 price increase over the Exige S, making the price £62,900. The tech kit would cost the main part of that anyway, so really the historic livery doesn’t cost you much more and the car is limited to 81 examples. Given that Ferrari charge about £10,000 for historic livery on their cars, it makes the LF1 quite a bargain.