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29 Jun 2015

If you’re ‘into’ cars there’s nothing better than hearing your favourite supercar drive past, but which one sounds the best? There are so many good sounding cars on sale today, so I’ve decided to choose my top 5 – basically after hours of searching YouTube it’s actually come out that they go in ascending order of cylinders for the first four, but that works for me. So turn up the volume, have a read then see if you agree…

5- Jaguar F-Type V6S

With a raspy note, the V6S F-Type reminds me of the old six cylinder sports cars of the 60’s, but with added bark and lots of pops and crackles on the over-run. Having driven one of these for a week myself I can confirm the noise is addictive, especially on downshifts where the revs rise and you get a real snarl. There’s also a nice bit of supercharger whine too, which is a nice touch.

4- Mercedes-AMG GT-S

Ah the V8. Some will say that a V8 should be at the top of this list, but for me it sits in its rightful place. Mercedes has made some incredible sounding V8s in recent times, mostly the ones with the 6.2 litre n/a V8, so we were worried when we heard about them downsizing to 4.0 litres and adding turbos. We really didn’t need to worry. The viscous bark and growl from the AMG GT-S is so hilariously addictive you find yourself driving just to hear the sound it makes.

3- Lamborghini Huracan

The V10 is a relative newcomer to the engine lineups of supercars compared to the V8 and V12 but has quickly marked itself out as a leftfield choice with plenty of benefits. It has the wail of a V12 but with a bit more of the bassy rumble you get from a V8. Listen to this Huracan and it has a low rumble at idle but a really crisp sound as it’s revved. We’re thankful Lamborghini are sticking with a big naturally aspirated engine instead of going for turbos, we doubt it could ever sound as good as this.

2- Lamborghini Aventador

Another Lambo in 2nd place, but this time the big daddy – the V12 Aventador. A monster 6.5 litre engine with 690bhp makes for one of the best sounding cars ever made. There are countless videos of the Aventador around, mainly due to their propensity for spitting flames out of the exhaust when hot and being revved. This one is admittedly slightly tuned, benefitting from a straight through exhaust system, but all that does is release the noise that the V12 is capable of. Such a clear, crisp wailing scream would make you rev the engine just for fun and you’d probably end up owning shares in a petrol company!

1- Ferrari LaFerrari

Okay, it’s probably unsurprising that a €1m car is at the top of the list, but it’s worth noting that it’s the LaFerrari, not the Porsche 918 Spyder or McLaren P1 here so money isn’t a factor. What is, is the utterly glorious V12 sitting in the middle of the LaFerrari and the four pipes that allow the wall of screaming V12 noise to assault our ears. There may be a hybrid system attached that adds power to the equation, but at the heart of the LaFerrari is a 6.3 litre V12 with 789bhp that revs to 9000rpm and boy does it sound good. When you hear a LaFerrari going for it 100% it’s the closest thing to hearing an old Formula 1 car. The piercing scream of the V12 cuts through the air and you’re left dumbstruck by how it was ever allowed to be on the road it’s so loud. But I’m very glad it was, and that’s why it’s my best sounding car on sale today.