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4 May 2017

After the Geneva Motor Show there were loads of new cars launched and of course, we’ve added most of them to the competition. As we’ve got some of BOTB’s favourites in the 50% promotion this week, I’ve chosen my Top 5 from the new additions:

5 – Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk by Kahn

Lots of people dislike these visually modified off roaders, mainly due to their image where the only off-road action they see is mounting the kerb outside Waitrose. But I know that I’d use it as intended, so I love the new Jeep Black Hawk by Kahn. I mean, just look at that bodykit! It’s more aggressive than a bear after five cans of Red Bull. Big chunky tyres, wheelarch extensions, a new bumper, LED headlights and a wonderfully opulent quilted leather interior. The engine has even been given a tickle with Kahn’s tuning box. I love it.

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4 – Lexus LC500 Sport

In the LC500s price bracket you could get a base Porsche 911, but that’s fairly puny in the engine department. The looks are also pretty ‘samey’ these days as the 911 shape has become so familiar. So step forward Lexus with their take on the 2+2 Sports Coupe – the LC500 Sport. The looks are simply stunning – some may not like them, but in my opinion they need an eye test – from the low, wide nose and muscular arches to the tapering sides, finishing up at that pert rear the LC is sleek, stylish and ultra modern. Add in the 467bhp naturally aspirated V8 and you have a sports car that looks good, goes well and sounds fantastic – win-win!

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3 – Range Rover Velar P380

It’s no surprise that a brand new Range Rover model would make this list, I’ve long been a fan of the posh Land Rover brand and as much as I love them the current model offerings are getting a little long in the tooth. So now we have the Velar (named after the very first Range Rover prototype in the 70’s), a sleek new model that sits between the Evoque and Sport. It’s a fair chunk lighter than the Sport and this model has a supercharged 3.0 litre V6 with 375bhp (yes, the engine from the F-Type V6S) so has pretty surprising performance – 5.3 seconds to 62mph to be precise. Add in a new interior that has all the latest tech combined with traditional Range Rover luxury and this is the SUV to own in 2017.

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2 – Corvette Grand Sport

You may have seen the videos on YouTube by Archie Hamilton Racing in conjunction with BOTB. Well now Archie has this Corvette and I was lucky enough to play with it yesterday on a runway and let me tell you now – it’s incredible. There’s that massive 6.2 litre V8 under the long angular bonnet which makes a truly awesome noise, styling just like the Z06 and loads of great little details all over the car. Yes you sit on the left, but after just a few minutes I was comfortable behind the wheel so it’s really not an issue. The performance is stunning too, as the Corvette is so light you can sprint to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds and top out at 180mph. All the while feeling as American as Mickey Mouse riding a Bald Eagle while shooting a gun. Yee-Haw.

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1 – Audi RS3

I’ll admit now – I haven’t driven the new RS3 – my invite to the press launch must have got lost in the post….. but from what my friends who have driven it tell me, this is the Audi Sport product (formerly Quattro GmbH) that banishes the boring understeer-led handling of previous hot hatch offerings and gives them real verve to drive. There’s a new rearward bias to the AWD system meaning the RS3 is playful and can be steered on the throttle a bit more without worrying that you’ll plough straight on at the first corner. And that’s a real possibility because if the TT-RS is anything to go by, you’ll be arriving at those corners very, very quickly. The RS3 shares the TT-RS’s 400hp turbocharged inline five cylinder engine but in that coupe I would be very surprised if it was only producing 400hp as it embarrassed some supposedly much faster metal in a drag race we ran. But of course this being the RS3 you also get a practical 5-door body and styling that is more aggressive, but most people on the street would pass by thinking it was just a diesel S-Line model. Subtle, practical, fast and has one of the best interiors on sale today. Yes please!

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