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Make Me A Winner Online Entry

Want to win fantastic prizes through the Make Me A Winner online entry? Play with BOTB the biggest competition company in the UK.

Our most popular competitions include:

  1. Dream Car: Give the closest answer on our Spot the Ball game to win a supercar, SUV, campervan and loads of cash! 
  2. Midweek Lifestyle: Guess the right question to win anything from a holiday to a high-end watch or tax-free cash. 
  3. Easy Win: Answer a super easy question to win a different prize every month!


Who Has Won Make Me A Winner?

Checkout the latest people who won Make Me A Winner with BOTB below. 

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Learn More About BOTB'S Make Me A Winner Competitions

Explore frequently asked questions about how you can win with BOTB.

How to enter make me a winner

If you want BOTB to make you a winner, add prize tickets to your basket. Depending on which competition you're playing, you'll either have to spot the ball or answer a trivia question. Finally, proceed to checkout and we could be surprising you very soon!

What time does Make Me A Winner Call?

If you're the winner of a BOTB competition, we'll typically call your surprise contact in the morning to arrange when to come and surprise you. Don't worry, you don't have to answer your phone on the first ring to win huge cash prizes from BOTB!

Is Make Me A Winner Real?

Absolutely, BOTB is a perfectly legitimate company with It's worth noting that things here work a little differently to Magic radio competitions and other similar radio comps from Kiss, Heart and Capital. Vist our How To Play page for more information.

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