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 Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4dr Plus
 Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4dr Plus
 Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4dr Plus
 Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4dr Plus
 Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4dr Plus
 Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4dr Plus
 Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4dr Plus

When is a Mercedes CLS not a CLS? When it’s an AMG GT 4dr Coupe of course! Confused? Well you have every right to be, but don’t let that distract you from what an awesome car this new Mercedes is. When the new CLS was released, Mercedes said there wouldn’t be a ’63 version which upset a lot of people, but now we see why.

AMG wanted their own product, designed by them from the ground up, so they took the AMG GT and stretched it, added some back doors and called it the 4dr Coupe. The looks are a wonderful mix of AMG GT at the front, with a sort of Panamera-esque rear end, but of course, featuring Merc’s four big exhaust pipes. Inside, it’s E-Class meets GT as well, with a big central landscape screen and a raised centre console.

But they couldn’t just leave the powertrain the same either, so the GT63S gets the same 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 as the other AMGs, but this time it has a staggering 630bhp – that’s more than the E63S and the AMG GT-R! the 4-Matic AWD system from the E63S is used too, which means there’s an RWD mode as well.

This is the Plus model, too, so it comes with pretty much every option already ticked.

AMG promises that this is the most fun to drive 4dr car on sale, and we believe them!

You could win the Mercedes-AMG GT63 4dr Plus in this week's BOTB Dream Car Competition!


Retail Price £156,415
Cash Alternative £125,000
0-62mph 3.2secs
Top Speed 196mph
Power 630bhp
Displacement 4.0ltr
Engine Position Front
Drivetrain AWD
MPG 21.6
CO2 298
Engine / Cyls V8 Twin-Turbo
Torque 900


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